wood cutting. Image of an axe splitting a log in half.


Permits for Personal Use Firewood Cutting at Camp Navajo area available from the Environmental Office to authorized participants

Authorized participants include Military Personnel, Veterans, AZDEMA employees, and Camp Navajo tenants.

Free use permits for Pine firewood that is a part of the efforts by the installation to remove unmarketable wood may still be issued to Authorized Participants as in previous years. Contact [email protected] if you qualify as an Authorized Participant seeking a Free Pine Permit.

  • Season: Middle of May to Middle of October

  • Temporary Closures:

    •  Fire Danger: Very High or Extreme

    •  Ranges are Hot (in use)

    •  Training needs

    •  Call or check in with security (928-637-0864) to ensure woodcutting is open for the day at Camp Navajo.

  • All Payment must go through Pay.Gov

  • 1. Firewood Permit Info: Review

  • 2. Instructions: Review (Includes Pay.Gov instructions)

  • 3. CR & MEC Brief: Review

  • 4. CR & MEC Acknowledgement Form: Sign

  • 5. Waiver of Liability: Sign

  • 6. Submit payment through Pay.Gov & collect receipt for proof of payment.

  • Email signed copies of CR & MEC Acknowledgement Form, Waiver of Liability, and Pay.Gov payment receipt to [email protected] or drop off at Building 15 – Environmental (Camp Navajo). If dropping off at Environmental, please call or email prior for an appointment before coming by the installation.

  • Permit will be issued in person along with a MEC brief at Environmental Building 15 Camp Navajo. Please call or email prior for an appointment.

  • Check in & check out at the Security Gate when woodcutting.

Contact Environmental for additional information. Please call or email prior for an appointment before coming by the installation.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Nick Kainrath (602-206-0938) or Hannah Telle (602-510-3306)