Participant Policy

Training Event Registration

All participants for DEMA/EM training events must register through the Acadis Student Portal. Specific target audience and enrollment requirements are listed for each training event. All prerequisites must be met prior to receiving an enrollment confirmation. 

The DEMA/EM Training Branch has a no walk-in policy for all classes. Only those who have received an enrollment confirmation from the Acadis LMS and are listed on the official class roster will be accepted into the class. All others, including those who have received a status notification of waitlisted, pending, or denied will be denied entry to the class. Entrance is at the discretion of the DEMA/EM Training Branch in coordination with the instructor(s) and course host. 

Participants must be present for no less than 90% of the course to be eligible for course completion credit. Credit for course completion will not be granted to participants if more than 10% of the class is missed. Participants must notify the DEMA/EM Training Branch if they expect to miss any class sessions.


If a participant is unable to attend a course for which they received an enrollment confirmation, they must self cancel in advance of the course through the Acadis Student Portal or notify the DEMA/EM Training Branch by email at [email protected] or calling (602) 464-6225. Participants who habitually no show are subject to enrollment denial for future training events.  


In accordance with DEMA policy, smoking is not permitted in the classroom or any building. Smoking will only be permitted in designated areas at each training site. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the class.

Dress Code

Participants shall avoid inappropriate attire and adhere to safety and grooming standards. Inappropriate attire includes but is not limited to:

  • Displays of offensive or obscene material on attire. Examples include, but are not limited to, writings/emblems/symbols that, when viewed from the perspective of a reasonable person, suggest racist, sexually explicit, discriminatory, or violent content. Additionally, clothing that displays political content, as well as clothing with slogans or advertisements displaying alcohol, tobacco, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia is prohibited.
  • Clothing that is "revealing" or "provocative", e.g., where one can see the skin in a manner that is unreasonably exposed.
  • Shorts of any kind or skirts which are more than three inches above the knee.


Weapons are prohibited except for firearms worn by Arizona certified peace officers.


The use of laptops and tablets, unless required for the class, are not to be utilized during class time.

Cell phones, radios, etc must be silenced during class. Participants must take calls outside of and away from the classroom. 

Participant Evaluations

Every participant should be given the opportunity to provide feedback on their course experience. Should a student not be given a formal evaluation form to complete during the course, please contact the DEMA/EM Training Branch at [email protected] or (602) 464-6225.

State Course Completion Certificates

Participants who have successfully completed all requirements of the course and missed no more than 10% of the class may access their certificate of completion through the Acadis Student Portal within 7 days* of the completion of the course. Certificates will not be mailed, emailed or passed out at class. 

*Training courses offered through the federal providers such as Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) or the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), etc. may take up to 60 days to reflect the participant’s completion status within the Acadis Student Portal