Fire station and fire trucks underneath the cover

Fire Department

About Us

The Camp Navajo Fire Department began some 80 years ago with the humble beginnings of the Navajo Ordnance Depot in 1942. The fire department was initially comprised of solders who had little firefighting training and equipment. As the Depot gained popularity and increase in personnel, so did the fire department. Additional training, more modern fire equipment, and strong leadership assisted in the progression of the department. 

The fire department was relatively unchanged for the next 40 years, when it was decided that the fire department needed to provide emergency medical services. Although the Depot had an established infirmary, there was no dedicated ambulance to get solders or civilians to either the infirmary or to Flagstaff Medical Center, some 15 miles away. Navajo Depot also went through many name changes over the years until the Depot was renamed Camp Navajo in 1993.

With the new ambulance and certified EMT’s, the local community outside of the Depot began calling the fire/emergency number and requesting help. At the time, the community of Parks did not have an established fire department and with the increase in population in the area, so did the need for fire and emergency medical services. The fire department became the “unofficial” fire department for the community of Parks, responding to various fires, medical emergencies, and the constant array of vehicle accidents along Interstate 40. This response continued until the establishment of the Ponderosa Fire District. 

Mission Overview

Camp Navajo Fire Department is an all-risk fire and emergency services with modern facilities, fire apparatus, equipment, and a well-trained and dedicated group of firefighters. The department, like in the past, responds to various fire and emergency calls, not only on the 45 square mile Base, but assists local fire districts and the US Forest Service with their mutual aid requests. 

For the future of Camp Navajo Fire Department, an agency that is dedicated to protecting those who serve our great Country, continues to be a leader in the National Guard Bureau’s Fire and Emergency Response operations and Wildland Fire Suppression and Prescribe Fire Program throughout the United States. 

Camp Navajo Fire Department Staff

Fire station and fire trucks underneath the cover
Fire Chief 
Tim Irwin 
(928) 773-3215

Fire Station Duty Crew 
(928) 773-3290



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Burn Permit

Contact Fire Station Duty Crew phone number and/or in person request.
Operation hours 8 am to 5 pm.
No after hour request will be approved.