Adjunct Instructor Resources

Arizona Instructors – We Need You!

Do you have an Emergency Management or Hazardous Materials background and want to share your knowledge? We are currently looking for Mass Care, Recovery and Hazardous Materials instructors to join the DEMA/EM Adjunct Instructor Cadre.If you're interested, please download and complete both a General Instructor Application and a Track-Specific Application.  For more information, please contact [email protected] or call (602) 464-6225.

DEMA’s Adjunct Instructor Program is intended to support DEMA/EM’s program needs for state-wide training, as well as the training needs of our emergency services partners. Therefore, DEMA/EM only considers two categories of instructor applicants:

  • Those solicited by DEMA to assist with state-wide training. DEMA/EM accomplishes this through outreach activities and coordination with our emergency services partners to satisfy DEMA/EM's needs for a specific program or region.
  • Those who have been asked by their agency to instruct specific training programs for their agency in order to receive state certificates. These requests must come directly from the agency’s training manager or a representative of that agency with training oversight before DEMA/EM will consider the request.

Any instructor applications or requests received that do not fit within these two categories, or do not fulfill a DEMA/EM need may be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the current priorities of the Training Branch. This includes current instructors requesting to instruct additional tracks of instruction.

Eligibility. New applicants must be current practitioners for the subjects they are applying to teach in order to become an Adjunct Instructor and placed on DEMA’s Qualified Bidders List to receive offers to instruct. Realizing that qualified instructors do not lose their skills, knowledge and experience immediately after leaving the emergency services field, DEMA/EM may retain “non-current” instructors for up to 2 years depending on the needs of the program.

General Instructor Application. This application is required by all applicants and lists the general requirements for all instructors, regardless of specific programs of instruction. Instructions for completing the General Instructor and Track Specific Applications are contained in the application, and can be found in the links on the left.

Track Specific Applications. Instructors must be “current practitioners” in the specific track they are applying for, meaning that they must currently hold a position with responsibilities in the subject area. Applicants must submit a separate Track Specific Application for each track they are applying to teach (ICS Track, PIO Track, School Safety Track, etc). Currency requirements are outlined with each track, and can be found in the specific applications.

 General Instructor Application 

Travel Information. DEMA/EM will reimburse instructors for authorized travel expenses when teaching programs contracted through DEMA/EM.

  • General Accounting Office - State of Arizona Accounting Manual. Lists maximum lodging, meal and mileage rates.
  • DEMA Instructor Travel Claim. Complete a single claim for each program taught in order to be reimbursed eligible travel expenses. Please Do Not save a copy of this form. Use the most recent form from this site for each claim to ensure you have the most updated information. Failure to use the current travel claim with proper submission of receipts may result in the claim being denied.

Acadis Information.   As of October 31, 2018, DEMA/EM no longer utilizes the ERMA website for course registration.  The new system is called Acadis and it has two separate, but connected sections.  The Acadis Student Portal is designed for student functions including viewing the catalog, registering for classes and managing personal training records. The Acadis Administrative Site is for Instructors and DEMA/EM staff to manage classes, registration and other administrative functions. Below are instructions for some basic Instructor functions within the Acadis system.