Safety. Image of soldiers scaling down the wall instructor checking gear.


Camp Navajo and Arizona Training Center Garrison Safety Department

Safety Mission Statement:

Support the accomplishments of Camp Navajo and the Arizona Training Center Garrison mission by promoting a safe and healthy culture that recognizes and prevents injury and illnesses associated with workplace hazards, with the belief that all workplace incidents are preventable.

Safety Vision Statement:

Camp Navajo and the Arizona Training Center Garrison is committed to the safety and health of our Soldiers, Army Civilians, their Families, and Contractors working on our installation.   We will accomplish this through Occupational Health and Safety Compliance programs which are seamlessly and systematically integrated into our every day work culture.  We will support and drive toward the US Army goal of a 10% reduction in injury and accidents from the previous year’s milestones.


 Safety is not something we achieve; it is a constant effort which requires vigilance and consistency!

Be safe Camp Navajo!