CFMO North. Image person front of construction site building behind him in frame.

CFMO North

Construction Facilities Management Office (CFMO) provides action and oversight for sustainment, restoration and modernization (SRM) work, including self-help by troop units and other State ARNG activities and tenants (including private sector entities) to ensure technical sufficiency and compliance with statutes, regulations, and the State’s Real Property Development Plan; is the sole source of work classification for all work accomplished on all State facilities.

Maintains the Planning Resource for Infrastructure Development and Evaluation (PRIDE) Web-based work order system so that it is responsive to customer and facility needs. Establishes and maintains an effective work management system, including customer service standards. Plans and prioritizes SRM work, preserves historical records which documents costs and classifies the work requirements and actions accomplished.

Responsible for establishing and maintaining an operational work force consisting of, maintenance technicians, custodial workers and grounds keepers. Capable of responding to the day-to-day demand of maintaining fully functional facilities that are safe, comfortable, and visually appealing to their tenants.

Oversees the implementation of facilities maintenance procedures in accordance with JFHQ-AZ Reg 420-1, ensuring that preventive maintenance programs are established to extend the life expectancy of operational facilities. Provides training and guidance to assist appointed Building Managers in determining safe, effective and economical use and operation of AZ ARNG facilities.