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Service Member and Family Resources

If you are having a medical emergency please contact 911 or go to your nearest medical facility for assistance. 

Career Readiness Counselors  
Camp Navajo (928) 773-3165
Glendale (602) 629-4584
Marana (520) 750-5355
Camp Navajo (928) 773-3165
Phoenix (602) 629-4014


Chaplaincy Program  
98th ATC/RSG (520) 750-5336
(602) 309-0362 (24/7)
158th MEB (602) 629-4805
(602) 629-4805 (24/7)
(602) 267-2921
(602) 710-0870(24/7)

Education Services

The Arizona National Guard Education Services Office strives to provide first class customer care to all members of the Arizona National Guard. We strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that our customers make informed decisions on which programs to use in order to help fund their education. Education Services Office (602) 267-2445

Employment Services

NGB Employment Support customer focus: Provide employment opportunities and options to develop career ready service members, prepared/resilient family members, and successfully transitioned members integrated with their community. Program Support Specialist (602) 629-4031

Financial Support

To help you and your family manage finances, resolve financial problems and reach long-term goals such as getting an education, buying a home and planning for retirement. Financial counselor (928) 310-6789


The mission of the Arizona ESGR is to promote a vibrant culture/relationship of mutual, understanding, appreciation and support between employers and their Guard and Reserve employees. The Committee’s  activities/actions will be primarily focused within the state but will also address a regional and national scope that affect the Committee’s ability expand its network of engaged companies and to provide services and expertize to all Guard and Reserve members, their families, military leadership, employers community leaders and supporting organizations.


External Resources  
Primavera Foundation
(520) 395-642
Salvation Army Financial
Assistance (Phoenix)
(602) 267-4127
Military Assistance
(602) 246-6429
Volunteer Support
(602) 267-2404


If you are experiencing a behavioral health emergency, please call 988.
If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest medical facility for assistance.


The mission of the Arizona National Guard Psychological Health Program is to
advocate, promote and guide National Guard members and their families by supporting
psychological fitness for operational readiness. 

Our vision is to honor the commitment our nation has made to protect the American
people by ensuring the National Guard's Soldiers and family members have the
necessary resources and skills to master the unique psychological health challenges in
their lives.


  • Services are available to National Guard members to help with the resolution of
    personal problems, manage work/life/service balance, daily responsibilities and
    improve operational readiness and civilian work performance.
  • We recognize that traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental
    and emotional disorders, alcoholism and/or other drug abuse are treatable
    conditions. Anyone suffering from these conditions is entitled to receive
  • Strategies to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.
  • Finding the appropriate treatment facilities within the Guard member's area.
  • Assisting in helping the Guard member find affordable health insurance. 
  • Finding community resources to assist Guard members with unique challenges such as deployment and readjustment. 


Psychological Health Program Team

State Behavioral Health Officer (M-Day)
LTC Pamela Horner, PhD

Director of Psychological Health (Admin/Development/Community Liaison)
Office: (602) 267-2162
Cell: (602) 531-4316

Psychological Health Program Manager (Clinical—Soldier Care and JFHQ)
Office: (602) 267-2577 
Cell: (480) 490-0232

Psychological Health Coordinator (158 MEB—INF/MP/ENG)
Office: (480) 267-2573 
Cell: (480) 490-2223

Psychological Health Coordinator (ATC, AZ TC, EOD, MED, RRB, RSG, RTI, WAATS)
Office: (602) 267-2078 
Cell: (520) 272-0921

Confidential After Hours and Weekend (602) 466-8883 (24/7 Guidance)


External Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call: 9-8-8 (24/7)
Chat: Text with a Crisis Line responder. Send text message to 83855

Military/Veteran Crisis Services
Call: 1-800-273-8255
Chat: Text with a Crisis Line responder. Send text message to 838255

Department of Defense 24/7 Safe Helpline

Department of Defense Safe Helpline
877-995-5247 (24/7)

BeThere, 844-357-7337
text (480) 360-6188

La Frontera/Empact Local Crisis line (Maricopa County)
(602) 222-9444 (24/7)

Crisis Response Network

Vet 2 Vet Veteran’s Crisis Hotline

Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Military One Source

Teen Resources

Teen Lifeline

Youth America Hotline

The Trevor Lifeline

Resiliency, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention

The R3SP Program provides resources and education to all Soldiers, and Family members to help increase resiliency, reduce high risk behaviors, and facilitate the long term reduction of substance abuse and suicidal behavior. The end state being a healthy organization that is resilient, knowledgeable regarding high risk behaviors, educated on stress reduction measures and aware of Soldier-Family support network resources.


Resiliency, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention Program

Resiliency, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention (R3SP) Program Manager,
(602) 267-2114

Suicide Prevention Program Manager
(602) 629-4331

Alcohol and Drug Control Officer (ADCO)
(602) 629-4823

Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator
(602) 629-4071

Drug Test Coordinator
(602) 267-2504


External Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
9-8-8 (24/7)

Military Crisis Line

Department of Defense 24/7 Safe Helpline

Department of Defense Safe Helpline
877-995-5247 (24/7)

BeThere, 844-357-7337
text (480) 360-6188

La Frontera/Empact Local Crisis line (Maricopa County)
(602) 222-9444 (24/7)

Crisis Response Network

Vet 2 Vet Veteran’s Crisis Hotline

Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Military One Source
(602) 267-2074 (o) 1-800-342-9647

Teen Resources

Teen Lifeline

Youth America Hotline

The Trevor Lifeline

Soldier & Family Readiness Program Managers

Facilitate the Commander’s ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive services which support readiness of Soldiers and their Families .The team provides information, referral and outreach resources. The Program Managers keep unit leadership involved, without breaching trust, and encourage active unit participation in problem resolution. In addition, each Program Manager works as part of the Soldier & Family Support Team receiving guidance and working closely with the State Family Program Director. The Program Managers will provide administrative assistance and logistical support to the Command Team and Soldier & Family Readiness Group, and assist commanders in executing Soldier and Family well-being and readiness.  The Program Manager staff can be reached 24/7 by calling 1-800-233-7758.

Gene Bennett 
Lead Soldier and Family Readiness 
Specialist Phoenix/Tucson 
Office: (602) 629-4584
Cell: (602) 653-5424

Amy Smith, Program Specialist Phx
Office: (602) 629-4802
Cell: (602) 341-9091

VACANT, Program Specialist Phx

Christie Hoeye, Program Specialist Phx
Office: (602) 629-4016
Cell: (602) 341-8829

Dani Bermudez, Program Specialist Phx/Glendale 
Office: (602) 629-4124
Cell: (602) 410-9930

Terese Marklinger, Program Specialist Florence 
Office: (602) 629-4888
Cell: (602) 370-1162 

James Puglia, Program Specialist Tucson
Office: (520) 750-5891
Cell: (602) 653-5519 

VACANT, Program Specialist Marana 

Stefanie Jefferson, Program Specialist Flagstaff 
Office: (928) 773-3123
Cell: (602) 618-7397 


Child and Youth Program (CYP)

Promotes and sustains the quality of life and resilience of National Guard children and youth by providing secure, timely, flexible, high-quality support services and enrichment programs. The Child and Youth Program is available for school age eligible dependents of ARNG Service Members ages six to eighteen years, and offers a range of positive activities designed to promote resiliency, healthy development, and to ease transition to adulthood.

Richard Mabry 
Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator 

Office: (602) 627-2658
Cell: (602) 509-1039

Elvia Valadez, Child and Youth Coordinator 
Office: (602) 629-4418


Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) 

Collaborate, partner with, and assist agencies and services invested in providing Service Members, Veterans, and their Family members with informational events and activities, referrals, and proactive outreach services throughout the phases of mobilization and deployment.

SFC Thomas Brown, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program NCO
Office: (602) 267-2302

Main Line: (602) 267-2445
Email: [email protected]

Programs Offered:

  • GI Bill Education Benefits-
    • CH. 1606 Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)
    • CH. 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill
    • TEB- Transfer Education Benefit

Services Offered

  • Transcript Processing:  Send official Transcripts by:
  • Joint Services Transcript
    JST is an academically accepted document to validate a service member’s military occupational experience and training.
  • Education Counseling
    Plan your educational goals using your National Guard Education benefit.
  • Testing
    • Free testing opportunities that may qualify a Service Member for career advancement and training.
    • Exams include AFCT (increase ASVAB score) and SIFT (Pilot exam).

The Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) program is a "One Army" Program that serves as the long-term support portion of the overall Army casualty continuum of care. From very early on in the casualty process, active Army, Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve support coordinators and financial counselors work together as an integrated team to provide dedicated and comprehensive support services to all surviving family members, regardless of service component, cause, or location of death. SOS honors their sacrifice and assures survivors that they remain part of the Army family for as long as they desire.

Office: (602) 267-2172
Cell: (602) 397-2812

Office: (602) 267-2173
Cell: (602) 361-0958

Camp Navajo
Office: (928) 770-3295

QR code work for warriors - Arizona

Work for Warriors supports Service Members across the entire service life cycle through employment and other related services. They help create a true and dedicated Service Member who has the support systems in place to make both their military and civilian life as successful as they want. Look to Work for Warriors for employment services, resume preparation, interview preparation, military skills translation, and apprenticeship and certification.

If you are interested in these services you can download the Intake Form from the Publications tab to the right, fill it out, and send it to [email protected] or call any of the Work for Warriors staff listed below. 

Kenneth A. Britton
Office: (602) 629-4010
Cell: (602) 432-8621

Geoff Partridge
Office: (602) 267-2802
Cell: (602) 432-8621

Hector Sandoval
Office: (602) 267-2861
Cell: (602) 826-3739

Southern Arizona


Statute Regulations

  • Public Law 112-56, Sec. 201-265 (VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011)
  • NDAA 2016, Sec 661 charges each service with providing financial literacy training under Section 992 of Title 10, United States Code

Army/DoD Regulations/Guidance

  • DODI 1332.35 requires that Service members complete CRS according to each service's Life Cycle Model (29 FEB 2016)
  • AR 600-81, Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (17 May 2016)

Senior Leadership Guidance

  • President Obama's Executive Order 13518 of November 9, 2009_ Employment for Veterans
  • The 2012 Army Strategic Planning Guidance (ASPG Objective)
  • Army National Guard 2014-2020 Strategic Planning Guidance
  • ARNG 4.0
  • SMOM 18-030, CSFL Program and Requirement for BRS training for ARNG RSP Soldiers (23 February 2018)