Cyber Joint Task Force


  • Reduce vulnerabilities in state and local agency networks by providing on-going assistance with penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, defensive strategy development and implementation and participating in national and state training exercises;
  • Leverage unique role of NG to increase information and intelligence sharing across the whole of government, (including serving as a member of the Arizona Cyber Team and Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC)); 
  • Provide post attack, cyber incident response, forensic analysis and recovery assistance to state and local agencies;
  • Collaborate with academia, scientific institutions and the private sector to help develop cyber aptitude test and skill training, proactive risk and threat identification methods and procedures, and to support R&D related to protection and recovery of SCADA;
  •  Conduct Defensive Cyberspace operations for state agencies and critical infrastructure.
Cyber Joint Request Services

The group conducts computer network operations and warfare planning for the Air Force, joint task forces, and combatant commanders.

Request Servicess

Airman inspects electrical components for radio communication.
Airmen inspect electrical components for radio communication.
Lieutenant Colonel
Hyung J. Lim
Commander of the Arizona Cyber Joint Task Force