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Camp Navajo
Camp Navajo Hunting Information
Camp Navajo Hunting Information
Camping and Recreational Vehicle Regulations
Camping and Recreational Vehicle Regulations
Camp Navajo Training Area & Ranges

Camp Navajo was originally established as Navajo Ordnance Depot in 1942. Total construction of the facility was completed in less than one year and included, 800 ammunition storage igloos, 50 administrative buildings, 227 miles of road, 38 miles of railroad track and completed utility distribution and collection systems. The cost of construction in 1942 dollars was $19 million.

The installation has been in continuous operation since 1942, to include the period from 1982 to present date, when it has been under the operational control of the Arizona National Guard.

Training Area & Ranges

Soldier plots points as they start their land navigation qualification during the unit’s annual training at Camp Navajo.
Soldiers bound over the A frame of the obstacle course at Camp Navajo.
Soldier conducts a dead lift exercise during a physical fitness assessment at Camp Navajo.
Soldiers pull security, as a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter lifts off after completing an air assault drop at Camp Navajo.

Garrison Services

Garrison Operations supports training operations, industrial storage, community initiatives, and the MWR (Moral, Welfare and Recreation) program for the Arizona National Guard.

Offers premier, high altitude and diverse training capabilities with modernized facilities. The installation offers training areas to meet any organizational need, spanning across the Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) environment.

Storage capability includes storage space consisting of 778 igloo style magazines and 600,000 square feet of general warehouse space outside storage on concrete pads is available for long-term storage of vehicles and commodities that are not affected by weather.

Provides logistics, engineering, administrative, fire, and security support to enhance the training and storage missions.

Support service members and military retirees with MWR functions to include hunting, fishing, camping, RV park, and storage.


Soldier Support

I.D. Cards/DEERS Transactions:
(928) 773-3124

Link to DEERS

Education Services Assistant (MGIB):
(602) 267-2445

(602) 629-4233

Medical Files and Records:
(602) 629-4369

Inspector General:
(602) 267-2670

Judge Advocate General (JAG):
(602) 267-2588

Family Programs

Family Readiness:
(602) 267-2593/2391

Information, motivation and support
(602) 629-4805

Retiree Service Office:
Retiree Benefits Advisor (TRICARE Reserve Select):
(602) 267-2545

Survivor Outreach Services:
Families of fallen Active Duty Army/National Guard members
(602) 267-2172
(602) 267-2173
(928) 773-3295