Natural Resources. Desert owls on the ground looking out.

Natural Resources

The environmental policy at Camp Navajo is to provide forest resiliency; diversity of species and habitat; natural beauty; outdoor recreation opportunities; habitat for plants and wildlife, including threatened and endangered species; soil conservation and watershed protection, including erosion control; improvement of air and water quality; sustained production of commercially valuable forest products; noise abatement; and the sustainment of viable and diversified training lands to meet the military mission.

The goal of the forestry program is to manage forests to sustain military readiness and improve the diversity of conditions available for soldier training. Forest resiliency and function will be restored by moving toward re-establishment of historic forest structure, pattern, and composition.   This will reduce the risk of large scale wildfires of severe intensity and bark beetle epidemic and minimize disruptions to soldier training. 

The goal of the wildlife management program is provide for the management of wildlife populations and their habitats consistent with acceptable scientific principals, in compliance with the Endangered Species Act and other applicable laws and regulations, and in harmony with the total natural resources program.

The Natural Resource Program for the Arizona Army National Guard employs 2 full-time personnel. This office is responsible for Natural Resource management and monitoring on Camp Navajo AZARNG Facility.


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