Camp Navajo. Helicopter on the landing strip with soldiers around with the San Francisco Peaks in the background if you do.

Ordnance Operations

Camp Navajo is located in Bellemont, in Northern Arizona.  The installation is 12 miles west of Flagstaff and 17 miles east of Williams. The facility encompasses 28,347 acres (roughly the size of Boston) and is comprised of heavily forested, grassy, gently rolling to steep terrain at approximately 7,100 feet in elevation.  The facility consists of 227 miles of roads, 38 miles of rail, and approximately 777 ammunition storage igloos.  The installation is striving towards the first NetZero installation in the state and already provides its own water and waste water distribution systems.  Facilities include approximately 170 buildings, of which 32 are currently used for administration, maintenance, operations, and storage.  The igloo magazine structures are generally used for storage of conventional (and former chemical) munitions.

Dating back to 1942, the primary mission of the depot was to provide storage and shipment of explosives and other strategic commodities.  The depot also received deteriorated or obsolete explosives and ammunition for demilitarization, conversion or elimination.  Demilitarization activities ceased as of September 1994. Strategic commodities for the Navy and Air Force are now stored at the installation which require New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) compliance.  Camp Navajo is the only reserve managed and Army installation in the Nation serving as a strategic storage site.

Camp Navajo is now operated by the Arizona National Guard as a National Guard training site and munitions storage depot.  It is the largest National Guard training facility in the state and the largest military installation in Northern Arizona.  Camp Navajo has hosted numerous joint training events and is seeking joint national training capability accreditation.  The day-to-day operations of Camp Navajo are accomplished by a full time work force, many of whom are members of the Arizona National Guard.

The Camp has a unique concept of operations. The installation has four missions. These are:

  1. Operate a National Guard training site
  2. Provide command and control of the Arizona Army National Guard force structure in Northern Arizona
  3. Provide depot-level storage services to various DoD customers
  4. Operate under the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty guidelines for ballistic missile storage.