CPT Mathew S Broughton

Cyber Operations Officer

Captain Mathew Broughton serves as the Cyber Operations Officer for the Cyber Joint Task Force (CJTF).  He is responsible for coordinating and organizing the various operations conducted by the CJTF.   

Captain Broughton originally enlisted in 1999 and served eight years as an enlisted Ammunition Specialist with one combat tour in Iraq in 2003 with the 101 st  Airborne.  After a break in service, he earned his Army commission in 2013 through Officer Candidate School (OCS) where he was awarded the Erickson Trophy for being the Distinguished Honor Graduate. 

Originally an Engineer Officer, he transferred branches to Signal to more closely match his interests and career goals, attending Signal Captains Career Course in 2017.  He has a Master of Science in Cyber Security from Maryville University of St. Louis.  Prior to joining the CJTF, he worked for Raytheon Missile and Defense doing cybersecurity work in Tucson, Arizona.