fire on road. Dark in the night, a brush fire aside the road with a swerving arrow on a warning traffic signal. In the darkness, you could see an image of a fire truck trying Blaze out of the fire.

About Emergency Management

The Division of Emergency Management coordinates the State of Arizona’s all hazard emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts in order to reduce the impact of emergencies and disasters on people and property.

Emergency Management works under the broad authority of the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 26 Military Affairs and Emergency Management, Chapter 2; and the Arizona Administrative Code, Title 8.

The Division of Emergency Management is divided into three (3)  sections: Preparedness; Operations; and Finance /Grants Administration. Each section is further broken down into functional branches whose staff work in support of the DEMA/EM mission to provide emergency management capabilities to the citizens of Arizona and the Nation (Division organizational chart). 

The Emergency Management Division is committed to training future emergency managers by offering internship and professional growth opportunities.

Vision for the Future

The Division of Emergency Management's vision is to be a unifying force of statewide partners to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazard emergencies. We champion initiatives led BY our partners, completed WITH technical expertise and support from state agency partners, and coordinated THROUGH a common framework. Success means Arizona wins and the most complex, time sensitive, and risky challenges our community faces are solved.

Organizational Values

Mission First – Our mission prioritizes service and community impact. Success is paramount, especially when lives are at stake. Solving problems swiftly and effectively is crucial, valuing progress over process. Our bias for action and innovation will win the day.

People Always – People are our greatest asset and how we deliver service to the community. Everyone contributes value to our mission. We leverage diverse experiences and expertise for success. We prioritize both mission accomplishment and employee investment. We are one team with one goal.

Adaptable and Agile – We will meet our partners where they are and, based on the needs of the community, provide support. Success will require scaled organizational adaptability and agility. Scaled adaptability and agility requires regular and meaningful engagement while  exploring options and aggressively interrogate reality.

Communication – Awareness fuels proactive action and timely response. Communication is vital vertically and laterally within our organization and partner networks. Information is perishable and requires continuous updating and evaluation. Despite initial inaccuracies, sharing information fosters collaboration and informed decision-making. The aim is to achieve shared awareness transcending hierarchy, organization, time, and space.

Ready – Events will occur; it's a matter of when. Every team member must be constantly ready. We must be most prepared when our community is least ready. This requires continuous development of processes, resources, and environments for the best outcome. Being always ready demands investment in technical competency, resilience, and family well-being.