Work for Warriors - Arizona

Work for Warriors - Arizona

Work for Warriors supports Service Members across the entire service life cycle through employment and other related services. They help create a true and dedicated Service Member who has the support systems in place to make both their military and civilian life as successful as they want. Look to Work for Warriors for employment services, resume preparation, interview preparation, military skills translation, and apprenticeship and certification.

If you are interested in these services you can download the Intake Form from the Publications tab to the right, fill it out, and send it to [email protected] or call any of the Work for Warriors staff listed below. 


Kenneth A. Britton

(602) 629-4010

[email protected]

Geoff Partridge

(602) 267-2802

[email protected]

Hector Sandoval

(602) 267-2861

[email protected]

Andrew Carlson

(602) 326-9751

[email protected]



Statute Regulations

  • Public Law 112-56, Sec. 201-265 (VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011)
  • NDAA 2016, Sec 661 charges each service with providing financial literacy training under Section 992 of Title 10, United States Code


Army/DoD Regulations/Guidance

  • DODI 1332.35 requires that Service members complete CRS according to each service's Life Cycle Model (29 FEB 2016)
  • AR 600-81, Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (17 May 2016)


Senior Leadership Guidance

  • President Obama's Executive Order 13518 of November 9, 2009_ Employment for Veterans
  • The 2012 Army Strategic Planning Guidance (ASPG Objective)
  • Army National Guard 2014-2020 Strategic Planning Guidance
  • ARNG 4.0
  • SMOM 18-030, CSFL Program and Requirement for BRS training for ARNG RSP Soldiers (23 February 2018)