Family Readiness

Family Readiness

The Arizona Army National Guard Child and Youth program is to promote and sustain the quality of life and resilience of ARNG dependent children and youth by providing secure, timely, flexible, high-quality support services and enrichment programs.

Additionally, Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSAs) work as part of the Soldier and Family Support Team. The primary objective is to support Family readiness programs in an assigned command and to provide administrative assistance and logistical support to the FRG and the Commander. FRSAs assist Commanders in executing Soldier and Family well-being responsibilities at the state and command level throughout the ARFORGEN cycle. 

Lead Child & Youth Program Coordinator 602-629-4418
Child & Youth Program Coordinator 602-267-2658
Senior FRSA 602-629-4846
FRSA 158th MEB 602-267-4016
FRSA 198 RSG/JFHQ/Recruiting and Retention 602-629-2816
FRSA 98th ATC & WAATS 520-750-5363

 Family Assistance Center 

 The mission of the Family Assistance Center (FAC) is to facilitate the commander’s ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated and responsive services which support readiness of Service Members and their Families by providing information, referral and outreach resources. The FAC will keep unit leadership involved, without breaching trust and encourage active unit participation in problem resolution. FAC staff can be reached 24/7. To reach a Family Assistance Specialist on weekends and evenings call 1-800-233-7758.


Phoenix Office:602-629-4419  Cell:602-653-6593 
158th MEB/Camp Navajo Office:928-773-3123  Cell:602-653-5391 
198 RSG/JFHQ/R&R Office:602-267-2271  Cell:602-653-5424 
98th ATC & WAATS Office:520-750-5891  Cell:602-653-5519 
Family Assistance Specialist Office:602-629-4888  Cell:602-653-5416 

 Yellow Ribbon

To assist, collaborate, and partner with Services, and agencies at the lowest level possible in order to provide Service members, Veterans, and Family members with informational events and activities, referrals, and proactive outreach services throughout the phases of deployment or mobilization

Yellow Ribbon Coordinator   602-267-2302