Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs Office

The AZNG PAO communicates to internal audiences to inform Guardsmen and their families about their organization and connect them to resources. The PAO also informs the citizens of Arizona and educates the public about our Guardsmen and our missions.

The PAO uses a wide range of technology to get information to the public and to our service members. We utilize digital print stories, video, photos, and graphics as our driving force to connect with our audience through various social media platforms as well our public website.

The PAO responds to media queries, and coordinates media events with a diverse cross section of outlets to ensure the widest dissemination of information. We also fill requests from the community and proactively build relationships with our community and media partners.

Requests for Arizona National Guard aviation assets for fly-overs and static displays please fill out a form DD 2535 and send to our community relations manager at the email here.

Requests for all other Arizona National Guard assets to include: ground vehicle static displays, color guards, Army Band and guest speaker, please fill out a form DD 2536 and send to our community relations manager.

The Arizona National Guard makes every effort to fulfill community requests and connect with the Arizonans we serve. With holidays, specifically those of military and patriotic themes (Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day), our office receives requests up to six months before the event date. Due to our organization's composition we usually need a minimum of 60 days to process a request and a minimum of 90 days for major holiday events.

Event Requests for participation: Per Army Regulation 360-1 we are unable to participate in fund raising events of non-federal entities outside of the exemptions listed under section 3-2, DOD 5500.7-R and AR 600-29. Additionally, the event must be open to the general public. If these requirements are not met,  providing National Guard assets could be viewed as an implied endorsement of a non-federal entity contractor.

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