• Image of wildland fire fighters
    Emergency Management

    Every year, wildfires burn across the Arizona landscape. During 2016, 2,285 wildfires burned 308,245 acres. The largest fire in Arizona history is the Wallow Fire, which consumed 538,049 acres in 2011 (15,407 acres in New Mexico).

  • Emergency Management

    Emergencies can have affects that require the response of multiple agencies. During responses, the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) works collectively with other agencies, including federal, tribal, state and local governments, to provide emergency management capabilities. Recently, DEMA collaborated with Luke Air Force Base to practice their response to an aircraft incident. Through this partnership, DEMA provided Search and Rescue (SAR) and technical communications support during this full-scale exercise. 

  • Images of search and rescue missions and training events

    It was a late December night when Jesse Robinson’s cell phone rang. Robinson is the Search and Rescue (SAR) and Warning Coordinator for the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA). He answered the call from the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) about a missing aircraft from Scottsdale airport. The AFRCC was able to ping the cell phones of the people on board to a remote area near Gila County.  Around the same time, the airplane’s emergency locator beacon activation was detected and reported to AFRCC.

  • DEMA Communications Unit
    Emergency Management

    The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) Communications Unit provides radio and technical communications support to Arizona’s counties and local communities. The DEMA Communications Unit assists during incidents, such as wildfires, floods, and snowstorms, by providing county emergency managers and disaster relief organizations radio and communications support if their systems are unavailable.

  • Major General McGuire hands Brigadier General Kahler his new one star flag
    Army National Guard

    PHOENIX— Family, Soldiers and Airmen came together for the promotion of Col. Kipling V. Kahler to Brigadier General as he took his newly appointed position as the Deputy Land Component Commander of the Arizona Army National Guard during a ceremony held at the Papago Park Military Reservation, Jan. 20.