Arizona Air National Guard Commander’s second star is reflection of troops

Arizona Air National Guard Commander’s second star is reflection of troops

Major General Michael T. McGuire, the Adjutant General of Arizona, hands a two-star guide-on to newly promoted Maj. Gen. Edward Maxwell, the Air Component Commander, at his promotion ceremony at Papago Park Military Reservation Jan. 10.

PHOENIX – The Arizona Air National Guard promoted Edward P. Maxwell to the rank of major general here today at the Allen Readiness Center on Papago Park Military Reservation.


“Receiving my second star is about the men and women of the Arizona Air National Guard,” Maxwell said. “They are the ones who truly earned and deserve this level of representation. I am honored with the opportunity to continue to lead and serve with such outstanding Airmen.”


Maxwell is in his 32nd year of service, a graduate of United States Air Force Academy, and his career as a pilot and leader canvas numerous positions of responsibility with 15 years on active duty and 17 in the National Guard. While his leadership philosophy has evolved over the years from being a training pilot to a vice wing commander to becoming the Air Component Commander of almost 3,000 troops, his faith in their ability to do more and achieve more never falters.


“All I ask of our Airmen is to give their best effort at all times and serve with honor,” Maxwell said. “The men and women of the Arizona Air National Guard have committed themselves to serve their fellow Airmen, their community, state and country. I would not have this opportunity without their support as well as the love and support of my friends and family.”


Maj. Gen. Michael T. McGuire, the Adjutant General, and Chief MSgt. Daniel Gutierrez, State Command Chief for the Air National Guard, believe Maxwell’s promotion will be a much needed platform of advocacy nationally for Arizona.


“We will now have the proper level of representation for the fifth largest Air Guard force in the nation,” McGuire said. “Major General Maxwell will be a voice of strength showcasing Arizona’s contribution to the greater Air Force mission.”


From the enlisted perspective, Gutierrez said Maxwell’s second star brings some, “much needed clout and validity for Airmen issues.”


“He is very straight forward and willing to delegate. He allows people to rise to whatever level of responsibility they can handle and has always been a proponent of letting NCOs and senior NCOs do their job,” Gutierrez said. “His voice will be heard.”


The Air Force only has a limited number of positions at the two-star level. Maxwell said he knows that serving in the rank of major general will ensure the members of the Arizona Air National Guard will have the means necessary to continue to make them a more effective and viable fighting force.


Maxwell is in his third year as the Commander, Arizona Air National Guard and also serves as Assistant Adjutant General, Arizona Air National Guard. Maxwell is also the vice president of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council in Tucson, Ariz.