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The Arizona Military Museum Library has an outstanding collection of old and new books, periodicals, historical records, videos and written memorabilia, official military histories, specialized encyclopedias, copies of military orders and maps.


Other than the indigenous inhabitants who populated what is now Arizona in prehistoric times, the Spanish Conquistadors were the first “military” to explore what is now Arizona in the 16th century.  In their quest for gold, they mined and subjugated those with whom they came in contact to do their bidding.  As the Spanish further populated Latin America and moved north through Mexico to present day Arizona and beyond, they brought their customs, culture, and religion.  They built presidios (e.g., Tubac and Tucson) and missions (e.g., Tumacocri and San Xavier) and developed the Southwestern

Arizona Military Museum

Arizona National Guard Historical Society

The Arizona Military Museum is operated by the Arizona National Guard Historical Society, a private non-profit corporation. The officers and directors serve as docents, and they perform other necessary functions in conjunction with National Guard support to operate and maintain the museum.


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