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arizona guardsmen stand in front of the arizona flag while deployed to Kuwait

CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait – Imagine for a moment you’re in the cockpit of a $30 million helicopter. You’re monitoring gauges, and controlling the aircraft as you fly back to home base the morning flight was pretty uneventful, weather was predicted to be good. You’re low on fuel, and can’t wait to get home for a quick meal and some rest after a long mission.


Other than the indigenous inhabitants who populated what is now Arizona in prehistoric times, the Spanish Conquistadors were the first “military” to explore what is now Arizona in the 16th century.  In their quest for gold, they mined and subjugated those with whom they came in contact to do their bidding.  As the Spanish further populated Latin America and moved north through Mexico to present day Arizona and beyond, they brought their customs, culture, and religion.  They built presidios (e.g., Tubac and Tucson) and missions (e.g., Tumacocri and San Xavier) and developed the Southwestern


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