PHOENIX—RadioSTAT isn’t much to look at. It doesn’t have a retina display for watching HD movies, and you can’t use it to upload selfies to Facebook or map a route to a restaurant. But in the right context—for example, the Slide Fire burn area—the RadioSTAT Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station might be the best mass communication tool available.


Airman posing in a gym

PHOENIX - An Airman assigned to the 161st Air Refueling Wing here - who competed in the weightlifting Olympic trials - recently returned from Air Force basic training.


Arizona National Guard Muster

For the first time in over a century, the Arizona National Guard will muster in one formation, and there are 7,531 reasons why I’ve chosen to revive this time-honored military tradition. I am proud of each Soldier and Airman who voluntarily serves our state and nation, and the time has come to recognize you.



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