General giving the Purple Heart to a Soldier

PHOENIX - Wounded in combat, it’s difficult to fault a service member who forgoes the opportunity to reenlist; however, for a few it strengthens their resolve to continue to serve.


In the Arizona Army National Guard there’s one such Soldier who raised his hand to reenlist, again, here July 13, which immediately followed his Purple Heart ceremony.


Introducing DEMA.AZ.GOV

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, or DEMA, has too many public websites, which is why the department is proud to announce the launch of a new site that will bring them all together –


Purple Heart Awarded

PHOENIX – Army Capt. Frank Vargas, a former Arizona Guard and 173rd Airborne member, was awarded three Purple Hearts here June 25. The Purple Heart is the oldest military decoration still given to U.S. military members and is awarded to those killed or wounded while serving in combat.



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