Arizona Guard General selected for overseas command

Arizona Guard General selected for overseas command

Arizona Arizona National Guard Lt. Col. Christopher Baril, 98th Aviation Troop Command commander, and Lt. Col. Kristofer Bast, 98th Aviation Troop Command operation and training officer, present Brig. Gen. William Hall, outgoing AZARNG land component commander, with a plaque during a farewell dinner at Chaparral Suites, Scottsdale April 11, 2015. Hall leaves Arizona to become the Director of the European Partnership Task Force in Germany. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Brian A. Barbour)

 PHOENIX – It is a bittersweet departure for Brig. Gen. William Hall, Land Component Commander for the Arizona Army National Guard. He is leaving Arizona to assume the position of Director of the European Partnership Task Force for the U.S. European Command, later this quarter.


Hall reflected back to one of his first meetings with Maj. Gen. Michael McGuire, Adjutant General for the Arizona National Guard. 


“McGuire told me to ‘build a bench, tell the truth, and give your best effort’”, said Hall. “I’ve been able to take his vision and nest an Army vision underneath, providing a clear, illuminated path forward to accomplish the mission.”  


During his tenure as the Land Component Commander, Hall has continuously emphasized the importance of the men and women of the organization. 


“Our Soldiers and civilian employees are our center of gravity period,” said Hall.  “What I would submit to the leaders of our organization is if we take care of our Soldiers and employees, they will always exceed our expectations.”


Hall has served in the Arizona Army National Guard’s Land Component Commander since Dec. 2013. His previous commands include Assistant Adjutant General for the Texas Army National Guard, and Commander of the 136th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Kabul, Afghanistan.


“Being an outsider and coming into this state, I am so thankful in how I’ve been received, and the level of support and dedication from my subordinates and my peers to be able to do this job,” said Hall.  “Without that support and dedication, none of this would have been possible.  As I depart and move on to the next position, I’m going to look fondly on my last 485 days here.”