Training Policies and Procedures

Training Policies and Procedures

Acceptance of Participants

Emergency Management reserves the right to select participants based upon, but not limited to, the following:

  • Experience or training
  • Nature of information being presented
  • Class size limitations

A no walk-in policy is in effect for all classes. Only those who have followed the approved application process and received formal acceptance notification from Emergency Management or the Acadis Student Portal will be admitted to the classes.


Attendance Policies

Students should attend all sessions of each course, seminar or workshop and be prepared to interact during course activities and exercises.

Credit for course completion and reimbursement (if applicable) will not be granted to students if more than 10% of the program is missed. You must notify the course manager if you expect to miss any class sessions.

Certificates of attendance will only be issued upon successful completion of the course.



If an individual is unable to attend a course for which he/she has been accepted, he/she must cancel in advance of the course by accessing the Acadis Student Portal and canceling their registration online.
If you cannot cancel through the Acadis Student Portal, or have difficulty with the system, please contact us for assistance.



In accordance with Division policy, smoking is not permitted in the classroom or any building. Smoking will only be permitted in those areas designated during each class. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the class.


The following dress code is recommended:

  • Males: shirt with collars, slacks or departmental uniforms, shoes and socks. Optional items include ties, sweaters, jackets, etc.
  • Females: Dress, blouses with skirts or slacks, departmental uniforms, shoes and socks or hose. Optional items include sweaters, jackets, etc.


Fire Arms

Fire Arms are prohibited except for those worn according to law by certified peace officers.


Cell Phones/Pagers/2-way Radios

For the consideration of students and instructors, the use of cell phones, pagers and 2-way radios is not allowed in the classroom.

If devices are left on they must be in the vibrate mode so as not to disturb the class.

Use of cell phones and 2-way radios are limited to areas outside of the classroom, which do not interfere with class activities. (Note: Not all locations have ready access to a public pay telephone.)