Emergency Management Training

Emergency Management Training

FEMA Independent Study Programs

FEMA Independent Study courses can be completed through the Emergency Management Institute's (EMI) Independent Study website. Here you’ll find many independent study programs, to include the basic National Incident Management System and Incident Command system programs:

  • IS100 - Introduction to the Incident Command System
  • IS200 - Incident Command System for Single Resources
  • IS700 - Introduction to the National Incident Management System
  • IS800 - National Response Framework

These Incident Command courses provide a foundation for most all emergency management programs, and are essential for NIMS Compliance. Please note that G300 (Intermediate ICS) and G400 (Advanced ICS) can NOT be completed on-line, but are regularly scheduled for classroom deliveries throughout the year all over Arizona.


Local Delivery of EMI Programs

FEMA's Emergency Management Institute allows us to provide a variety of emergency management programs State Adjunct Instructor Program. FEMA calls these “field delivered” programs (courses with a G or L prefix), and we work with over 150 adjunct instructors to provide emergency management training throughout Arizona. Our instructors come from all disciplines, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their subject areas.

DEMA is able to deliver most of the G and L programs available through EMI’s Course Catalog, including all required Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training. You can view and download the current EMI catalog from FEMA’s website to see what programs are currently available.

DEMA’s training programs can be requested for local delivery in coordination with your County or Tribal Emergency Management Agency, through submission of our Training Event Request form.

To see what's currently scheduled in your area, you can visit the Acadis Training Portal, dematraining.az.gov


Emergency Management Institute

EMI also offers a variety of programs in residence at their facility in Emittsburg, Maryland. EMI will reimburse the traveler’s airfare, and lodging is provided on-site at no cost. Each attendee is responsible for their own meals through purchase of a meal-ticket at EMI’s cafeteria.

FEMA requires that applications for these programs be approved by each State’s Emergency Management Agency, and for Arizona, that’s the DEMA Training Branch. For more information on these programs, visit EMI’s website or contact our EMI Training Coordinator for assistance.

EMI Courses and Schedules

EMI Application Process