Disaster Recovery Reservist Programs

Disaster Recovery Reservist Programs

Public Assistance Program disaster reservists perform a wide variety of engineering functions to estimate work involving damaged or destroyed property, infrastructure and facilities due to natural or man-caused disasters. Duties include:

  • Inspecting infrastructure and publicly-owned property to determine damage cost estimates;
  • Performing preliminary assessments of disaster-related damage to public infrastructure following a disaster to determine if a Governor’s Emergency Proclamation is warranted, and if a Presidential declaration should be requested by the Governor;
  • After a declaration is granted, working with the disaster recovery applicants to file the necessary forms and applications including preparing project worksheets following established state and federal eligibility criteria;
  • Performing final inspections of completed work through on-site visits, comparing completed work with approved scope of work; and
  • Reviewing applicant provided cost documentation to ensure the claimed costs are consistent with the work performed.


Human Services Program disaster reservists perform a wide variety of functions when called upon to support an impacted community during its recovery process and to help its residents to achieve a “new normal.”  Duties include:

  • Performing Preliminary Damage Assessments on disaster-related damaged or destroyed households and businesses;
  • Assist DEMA Human Services team by supporting the operations of an Individual Assistance Service Center during the short-term recovery of an impacted community;
  • Assist and support in the long-term recovery of an impacted community as liaison(s) to the community’s Long Term Recovery Committee;
  • Assist and support a recovering community by administering individual case management of impacted families; and
  • Train for State Emergency Operations Center seat(s) in Recovery and/or Mass Care.


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