Grant Administration

Grant Administration

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Grant Administration
The Division of Emergency Management’s Grant Administration Section oversees the administration of several State and Federal grants the Division receives to enhance emergency management capabilities throughout the State.  The grants cover a wide range of activities, including training, exercises, planning, mitigation projects, infrastructure repairs, and emergency response and recovery efforts.  As part of the administration of these grants, we offer information, technical assistance, and guidance on the grant processes, as well as develop a policy for State-specific application, reporting, and reimbursement policies. The Grant Administration Section works extensively with the programmatic areas throughout the Division to ensure programs are delivered and reimbursed efficiently and effectively.


Emergency Management Performance Grant
The Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Program provides funding to the State Emergency Management Agency, local governments, and tribal partners in Arizona to sustain and enhance programs and resources to support a comprehensive, all-hazard emergency preparedness system.  The EMPG funding is a vital resource for all stakeholders as it supports and sustains the comprehensive programs in place for an all-hazards approach to emergency response.  EMPG will support program planning, training and exercise, travel, equipment, personnel and fringe, contractual, supplies, and other expenses as outlined in the notice of funding opportunity (NOFO).

The EMPG is a reimbursement grant that provides up to 50 percent costs which must be reasonable, allowable, allocable, and necessary under the grant program and must comply with all federal and state requirements and regulations.


Governor's Emergency Funds
The Governor’s Emergency Funds is allocated $4 million each fiscal year.  This fund assists communities, to recover and rebuild following a state and/or federally declared disaster.   By managing this fund it ensures there are funds available to eligible applicants of the Public Assistance Program.  This position works closely with Recovery – Infrastructure Staff for projects that will need funding and status of completion and reimbursement.

Funding for the Search and Rescue Contingency also comes from the Governor’s Emergency Fund.  This Contingency assists County Sheriffs to recover a portion of the expenses resulting from search and rescue missions.  This position works closely with Search and Rescue Coordinator.


Mitigation Grants
Grant Administration Section, manages several Mitigation Grants.  Mitigation grants provide funding for hazard mitigation plans and projects which reduce overall risks to the population and structures, while also reducing the reliance on taxpayer-funded Federal disaster assistance for disaster recovery. These grants are pre and post-disaster (such as HMA grants).  Grants are administered through the Arizona Division of Emergency Management.

Managing these funds ensures that the program's stay on schedule project is completed in a timely manner.  This position works closely with the Mitigation Staff for project funding, status, completion, and reimbursement.