Communicator NXT

Communicator NXT

The Communicator Notification System is a phone system that automates mass notifications.  Emergency Management currently uses the system for staff recalls, accountability and routine notification.  The system can also request personnel status, and collect estimated times of arrival from responding staff.  The system is tested multiple times per month. Emergency Management has given training and usage rights to many Arizona county emergency management agencies, along with dozens of state agencies.  



  • Software uses a T1 to call many people at one time
  • Program custom messages
  • Activated by phone or Internet
  • Logs staff responses to prompts
  • Offsite database backup


Benefits of the Communicator

  • Personnel free to focus on situation at hand versus placing/taking calls 
  • Reduced risk of human error and manual call tree breakdown 
  • Widespread notification within minutes instead of hours 
  • Immediate answers to important questions, such as ETA and message receipt 
  • Comprehensive reports for full audit trail 24/7


Uses of Communicator

  • Activation of State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC)
  • Staff Recalls  
  • Employee Roll Call/Accountability 
  • Wellness Checks  
  • Emergency/Routine Staffing