Statewide Interoperable Communications

Statewide Interoperable Communications

Communications interoperability allows emergency management/ response personnel and their affiliated organizations to communicate within and across agencies and jurisdictions via voice, data, or video in real time, when needed, and when authorized. It is essential that these communications systems be capable of interoperability, as successful emergency management and incident response operations require the continuous flow of critical information among jurisdictions, disciplines, organizations, and agencies.

Interoperable radio communication channels are available to stakeholders through state wide and regional initiatives:

  • Phoenix Regional Wireless System
  • Yuma Regional Wireless System 
  • Arizona Interoperable Radio System
  • Adherence to and acceptance of the National Interoperability Field Operations Guide
  • Mesa Topaz System
  • Tucson Pima County Wireless Integrated Network (PCWIN)
  • Arizona DEMA Radio Network
  • Mutual frequency sharing between jurisdictions

Data interoperability for emergency management and incident response operations is accomplished through the use of WebEOC or shared incident reporting software.


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