Radio Systems

Radio Systems

The Arizona Emergency Operations Center Network

In 2004, Emergency Management partnered with the Arizona Public Service (APS) in an effort to build the Arizona EOC Network.  The network uses APS's 800 MHZ statewide system.  Currently, Emergency Management has installed radios in the 15 county EOC's, along with the State EOC, the Alternate State EOC, and communications vehicles.  Emergency Management also maintains a cache of radios on the Arizona EOC Network



Emergency Management conducts weekly radio checks on the Arizona EOC Network for all stakeholders.  

The weekly checks ensure that: 

  • Equipment is functioning properly
  • Staff is familiar with radio operation
  • Emergency communications procedures tested 
  • Pertinent information is provided to EOC's


DEMA Radio Network (DRN)

The DRN is a VHF radio system composed of repeaters on nine-mountain top sites throughout Arizona. The radios are linked by microwave providing substantial coverage within the state.  The DRN system is currently used for the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Amber alerts. The ground and aviation assets of the Arizona Army National Guard (AZARNG) use the system for communications. The Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) manages the system and uses the frequencies for missions and training.


Communications Systems

Arizona Interagency Radio System AIRS was designed to use the statewide and nationwide mutual aid channels throughout the State to help improve communications between all agencies.  The intent was to improve coverage in all counties, by upgrading and providing inter-connect of VHF, UHF and 800MHz repeaters via the AIRS suites at ten regions throughout Arizona and in all counties.