Crisis Information Management System - WebEOC

Crisis Information Management System - WebEOC

Arizona uses WebEOC and its identified plug-ins (MAPPER, Resource Manager, File Library and Fusion) during disaster response/emergencies and exercises as a crisis information tool. State agencies, regional, local, and tribal partners, as well as other stakeholders have a range of access rights to WebEOC to manage critical information.


WebEOC provides a real-time situational awareness to all stakeholders.


WebEOC Provides:

  • Comprehensive functionality for all critical tasks associated with emergency management, facility and event security, disaster preparedness and recovery, and business continuity.
  • A common platform for training and preparedness efforts; communicating and sharing information with other responders and with the public; ordering resources to assist with a response effort; and integrating new technologies and standards to support incident management as it evolves.
  • Provides a common operational interface for all tasks, reports, and map views, ensuring that all users are on the same page when creating, viewing, or distributing information.
  • Supports SSL for secure data traffic, and offers optional wireless delivery for greater mobility in field operations.


WebEOC Training:

County and Local Partners, please submit your training request to the Emergency Management WebEOC Administrator.