Communications and Technology

Communications and Technology

The Communications Branch is in support of the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), including its alternate fixed and mobile communication vehicles. Communications at the SEOC is to stand ready for internal communications needs as well as critical communications needs of stakeholders throughout Arizona.  Communications is paramount and mission critical to resolving any disaster or event. Redundant communication paths are configured, maintained, tested and exercised on a regular basis to be ever prepared for any situation.  “Communications, no matter what!“


In support of the mission of the agency, GIS is responsible for enabling and facilitating collaboration through the use of geospatial data and maps in order to protect Arizona and its localities from the impacts of natural and manmade threats and hazards. GIS is recognized as an essential tool in the mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery processes to reduce response times, gain comprehensive situational awareness, and improve communication.


WebEOC is a web-based Crises Incident Management System (CIMS) hosted by the State of Arizona and is accessible on the Internet. It is used to coordinate the use of state assets and provide a direct link from the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to local EOCs. The system is used by all state agencies and local Emergency Managers to report, track, and respond to incident reports during an emergency, disaster or catastrophe. Data is entered and viewed on various status boards via WebEOC allowing all authorized federal, state, local and private agencies simultaneous access.


DEMA Communication and Technology
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