Emergency Management

The Division of Emergency Management coordinates the State of Arizona’s emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts in order to reduce the impact of emergencies and disaster on people and property in the Whole Community.

Emergency Management works under the broad authority of the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 26 Military Affairs and Emergency Management, Chapter 2; and the Arizona Administrative Code, Title 8.

The Division of Emergency Management is divided into four (4) sections: Grants Administration, Preparedness,  Operations and Coordination, and Communications Technology and Assurance. Each section is further broken down into operational branches whose staffs work in support of the DEMA mission to provide emergency management capabilities to the citizens of Arizona and the Nation. The Division organizational chart and Strategic Plan may be viewed here.

In 2020, the State of Arizona was reaccredited by the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) Commission. DEMA was first accredited by EMAP in 2004 and was reaccredited in 2009 and 2015. Reaccreditation lasts for five years.


The Whole Community

Whole Community describes an approach to emergency management that frames all hazard preparedness, prevention, response, recovery and mitigation as the shared responsibility of federal, tribal, state and local governments; non-governmental and faith-based organizations; private sector businesses; and communities, families and individuals.

While no single organization or jurisdiction has enough staff, funding and equipment to respond to and recovery from a large disaster on its own, when the Whole Community works in concert and shares resources, we can meet any challenge.

"Whole Community is not about what you can do alone, but about what we can achieve together."

Help create a better prepared Whole Community. Visit your county's emergency management website for local emergency information and preparedness resources.


Emergency Management Division Director, Allen Clark
Director, Division of Emergency Management


Division of Emergency Management
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