Joint Task Force Arizona

BRIG GEN Kerry L. Muehlenbeck

Brigadier General Kerry L. Muehlenbeck is currently assigned as the Joint Task Force Arizona Commander. In that capacity, she directs, coordinates, and oversees work through all joint staff directorates.She advises staff regarding policies, procedures, and directives of higher-level management and headquarters.General Muehlenbeck also manages and directs the administration, coordination, planning, development, and execution of joint staff programs that prepare the state for contingency operations in state or federal emergencies.

Joint Task Force Arizona

Mission: Joint Task Force-Arizona shapes and, on order, conducts and sustains defense support to civil authorities by assisting in reducing the real or potential impact, and/or enhances the recovery of persons and property due to natural disasters, special security events, and/or man-made incidents within the State of Arizona or as directed by The Adjutant General.

Vision: Set the standard of excellence for JTF-AZ operations supporting state and federal missions.
Values: Ready, Responsive and Reliable.


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