Administrative Services

Finance and Contracting

Chief Finance Officer
Renee Dudden
(602) 267-2730


Christa Lewis
(602) 267-2992


Purchasing and Contracting
Karen Ingram
(602) 267-2853


Emergency Management Grants Coordinator
Wendy Liebman
(602) 267-2762


Military Affairs Grants Coordinator
Wendy Liebman
(602) 629-4258


Fiscal Services Specialist 3
Stacy Manning
(602) 629-4202


Fiscal Services Specialist 3
Teresa Arreola
(602) 629-4204


Fixed Assets Manager
Ward Ruck
(602) 267-2328


Program Compliance Audit Supervisor
Walter Owens


Program Compliance Auditor 2
Kimberly Whitaker
(602) 629-4044


Program Compliance Auditor 2
Keith Tagaban
(602) 267-2706


Senior Procurement Specialist
Kathy Eastep
(602) 267-2763


Procurement Technician
Kyle Matthew
(602) 267-2760


Procurement Associate
Lisa Ledbetter
(602) 267-2699


Procurement Technician (Camp Navajo)
Pamela Chamberlin
(928) 773-3244


The mission of the United States Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO) is to receive and account for all funds and property of the United States Government in the possession of the National Guard of the specified State or Territory.

The USPFO advises and assists the units/organizations/activities within the State to ensure Federal property is used in accordance with applicable Department of the Army or Air Force directives as implemented by the CNGB.

Principles of Service 


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