One website to bring DEMA together online

One website to bring DEMA together online

Introducing DEMA.AZ.GOV
The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs proudly launches a new public Website.

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, or DEMA, has too many public websites, which is why the department is proud to announce the launch of a new site that will bring them all together –


This is not “yet another website” to add to your browser favorites. Actually, this is the one that will soon consolidate and replace the numerous sites that today comprise the department’s online presence; a one-stop shop for all DEMA components.


The current Arizona Army National Guard, Air National Guard and Division of Emergency Management public sites are hosted and managed separately and each one has different capabilities and appearances. Working with DEMA’s information technology office, public affairs and public information specialists will migrate the information from those sites to before shutting them down.


A single website for all components helps communicate that we are part of one team – DEMA. And building the site over the coming months, and maintaining it over the long term, will truly be a collaborative effort as so many of our missions are.


This will not only unify our Web presence, it will bring DEMA into alignment with state standards for department public website hosting and design. Our site will look and feel like other Arizona government websites.


Additionally, gives Soldiers, Airmen and civilian employees a platform for communicating the great work they do to accomplish their important and diverse missions. The public affairs and public information offices will publish news and feature articles to the website on a regular basis to keep our members, our community partners and the general public informed. This is an exciting new tool for fostering public trust and support, and for enhancing the morale and readiness of our members.


Eventually, users will find leadership bios, blogs, unit pages, job openings, contacts, event information, helpful resources and virtually everything fit for the public domain right here. In the meantime, we ask for your patience as we further develop and expand the site.


Of course, we welcome your input and suggestions for the new website. Please contact the public affairs office with your ideas at (602) 267-2550, or email us at [email protected].