Yessica Del Rincon

In comparison to its coastal neighbor, the Grand Canyon State does not experience high levels of earthquake activity. In southern California alone, residents experience about 10,000 earthquakes each year. Because of this ratio, Arizona can be a reliable partner during earthquake response.

Power outages, floods, and other unexpected emergencies can bring businesses and organizations to a halt. Depending on the services the organization provides, a disruption has the potential of putting the health and safety of communities in jeopardy. However, planning ahead of time can help businesses and organizations meet the needs of their customers during emergencies.

Interagency response efforts keep communities, including natural habitats and infrastructure, safe during emergencies. In the case of wildfires, the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) relies on its internal entities, the Arizona National Guard and the Division of Emergency Management, to work together to provide a strategic response.


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