Aprille Slutsky

This summer was a wet one for many parts of Colorado. The State was hit repetitively with severe storms that caused massive flooding. As if that wasn’t enough, tornadoes, landslides and mudslides caused further damage. The State of Colorado declared a State of Emergency and then requested a federal declaration in support of recovery efforts.

Earthquakes may be rare in Arizona, but they do happen. Hundreds occur in and around the state each year. “Arizona does have earthquakes. Faults in Arizona and neighboring states are capable of delivering large magnitude earthquakes that impact Arizonans,” Mike Conway, Chief of the Geologic Extension Service at the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) said.

Images of Arizona events and disasters

It was a typical summer day in July 2010 when monsoon storm clouds moved into the Flagstaff area. Skies darkened, thunder started to rumble and rain began to fall. Two inches of rain fell on the steep terrain of the Schultz Fire burn area in 30 minutes.


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