Aprille Slutsky

El Niño is a weather pattern characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific. The consequences of the warmer water pose a serious threat to communities across the country, including Arizona. For Arizonans, that means a wetter (rain or snow) winter and spring, and increased flood risk.

Summer typically brings wildfires to many western states, including Arizona. While Arizona had a fairly quiet 2015 fire season (1540 wildfires, which burned just over 158,000 acres), California’s drought contributed to an active wildfire season, with more than 838,000 acres burned. 

Image of people standing in front of a wall

A delegation from Israel’s emergency preparation, response and recovery team recently visited Arizona for 10 days as part of the Firefighters Without Borders program in partnership with the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation (GTFF).


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