Billeting is currently not being offered to unofficial travel and Space-A MWR, to include the hunting program.


Housing Office, Building 68 (SE Entrance)

Hours of Operation: 0800-1130 & 1200-1500, M-F

Housing Office Phone: (928) 773-3152

Housing Request Forms should be completed and emailed as an attachment to [email protected].


Housing Accommodations

1.  Billeting: Open bay accommodations are available to government organizations, and some Non-Profit Organizations upon an approved request. No linen, toiletries or custodial products are provided and entities will be responsible for cleaning and clearing with the Housing Office prior to leaving. Entities must bring consumable items.


1.  Authorized Occupants & Priority: The purpose of these facilities is to support Army National Guard training.  Other users will be scheduled on a space available basis and may be cancelled with little notice to accommodate training units. Only the following authorized personnel, in order of precedence, may stay.

a. All DoD uniformed personnel and guests.

b. DoD, DA, or NGB Civilian/Contract Personnel and guests.

d. Service Academy/ROTC Cadets.

e. State Military Department Personnel/Contractors.

f. Federal, Non-DoD Entities.

g. Authorized Non-DoD Entities in accordance with DODI 1000.15, dated 24 October 2008.

h. City, County, and State Entities

i. Local Youth and Non-Profit Organizations, as approved by the Public Affairs Office (PAO).

2. All Reservations for Billeting and Lodging: Complete and submit the required documents for your type of request. All documents and examples are on the left under publications.

3. Federal Agencies: Require a DD1144 or an MOA or before a reservation will be made.  Submit *required documents: 1 & 6. The Housing office will contact you to draft the agreement for approval.

4. State Agencies: Require an MOA before a reservation will be made. Submit *required documents: 1, 3, 6. The Housing office will contact you to draft the agreement for approval.

5. All other organizations: Will require an approval from the PAO prior to their reservation. Expect this process to take 30 to 60 days. *Required documents: 2 thru 6.

6. Individual reservations: Same day reservations outside of business hours will not be made so please make your request at lease 48hrs in advance.


     1. Housing Request Form: Identify specifically what type of accommodations you are requesting.

     2. PAO Request Form: Be specific about what you are requesting, dates, facilities, training areas & what you'll be doing on Camp Navajo.

     3. Roster of Attendees: Use the template provide on the site. Adjust ranks as needed to indicate the appropriate accommodations you wish to request.

      *When activities other than billeting or classroom type activities will be

     Conducted on Camp Navajo (if applicable):

     4. Training Schedule: You can use your own format or the one provided.

     5. Risk Assessment (DRAW): the form has instructions on it. Example also provided.


Lodging Rates

1.  Official Users: DoD personnel in a temporary duty status that are:

a. On an official travel order.

b. Performing inactive duty training (IDT) and arrive before or remain after for the convenience of the Government or reside outside the local commuting area.

c. Listed on a unit annual training order.

d. On written or verbal orders by their Unit Commander to remain at the temporary duty station.

e. Supporting a mission/emergency requirement as determined by the Commander or designee.

2.  Non-Official User: An individual who does not qualify as an official user as defined by paragraph one, and is authorized to stay in Billeting or Lodging.

 Toiletries, Towels and Linen are NOT included!



(Official Training)

Official User

Non-Official User



(1 Twin Bed)






(2 Twin Beds)






(2/Rooms 2/Beds)





Current rates are established based on NGR 5-3-1.

Payment: Payments will be made prior to issuing keys. No exceptions! Currently, only a money order or cashier’s check made out to “The State of Arizona” will be accepted. No refunds will be given!

Waivers: Waivers for organizations must meet several regulatory criteria and can only be approved by the United States Property and Fiscal Officer (USPFO) for Arizona. Individuals will not be waived.

Pets: Not allowed.