Training Site

Training Site

Camp Navajo is a Multi-Service Training Site. Not only is Camp Navajo used for training by all branches of the military service; Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines (Active and Reserve), Camp Navajo is the primary training site in the State of Arizona for maneuver training and is capable of supporting battalion size units.

Camp Navajo offers premier, high altitude and diverse training capabilities with modernized facilities.  The installation offers training areas to meet any organizational need, spanning across the Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) environment. The Training Site includes headquarters facilities, billeting, dining, classrooms, and recreational areas

The Training Site complex consists of nine buildings that can accommodate 600 personnel.  There are separate barracks for junior and senior staff, as well as 46 person open bay facilities.  Television, mini refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee pots are available in the billeting rooms, with vending and ATM machines conveniently located in several common areas. Additionally, there is a fully equipped physical fitness center and MWR recreational park with baseball, basketball, and volleyball courts, including separate armadas with grills.

The Training Site has three classrooms designed to accommodate 30 people, a distance learning center, and a full dining facility seating up to 300 people which can double as a conference hall.

With over 17,000 acres of land available, the installation provides an opportunity for uninterrupted secluded training activities for a variety of organizations, up to a battalion size.

Additional training capabilities include a rifle and pistol range, an obstacle course, and a land navigation course. There are also training areas with both improved and unimproved bivouac sites. Camp Navajo has plans to expand the training capability to include an Infantry Battle course, machine gun range, MOUT site and expanded rifle range facility.