Recreational Vehicle and Boat Storage Facility

Recreational Vehicle and Boat Storage Facility

Camp Navajo has a facility for Recreational Vehicles (RV) and Boat storage.

Storage space is available for your RV and Boat storage at Camp Navajo. The Base Operations Supervisor will have to approve any vehicle or boat exceeding 50 feet and is dependent upon space. For additional information, you can contact the Camp Navajo RV Storage at 928-773-3124 or the Base Operations Officer at 928-773-3225 during business hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm M-F. Managing the RV Storage park and MWR programs are an additional duty of the limited Garrison staff and we will make the best effort to see you during the times listed but may not be available. The current storage rates are listed below.

Flat rate charge of $1.00 per RV/Boat storage per day.

Total length of RV/Boat not to exceed 50'.

Please note it is the responsibility of the patron to ensure monies are paid daily, weekly, monthly or annually at their discretion. The MWR program conducts random inspections of the RV storage lot. If a patron pays for the use of the lot and later decides to recover their vehicle for all or part of the term paid for, the MWR program shall not credit a patron funds or storage days. We apologize for any inconvenience and will work closely with you to ensure the best payment schedule to fit your needs.

Please see the required downloadable form, Storage Contract on the left, which must be filled out and submitted to the MWR Coordinator prior to placing any vehicle into storage. Please visit this website frequently for updates on policy and procedures.

Camp Navajo shall not be held responsible for theft or damage to any item put into the RV Storage area. If payments are not received, every attempt to contact the item’s owner will be made, however, after reasonable attempts, failure to reach the owner shall result in the item’s removal as an abandon vehicle after payments become 60 days or more delinquent.

Only individuals who own the item may remove the item, and in lieu of the owner’s availability, a designee by the owner must be made in writing prior to the release of any item to a third party.