ID Cards / Deers

ID Cards / Deers

Attention patrons, ID/DEERS will be closed 22 May to 20 June 2018.  We are sorry for this inconvenience.  You can locate the nearest RAPIDS Site by clicking on this link: RAPIDS Site Locator.  Please type in your address and it will locate the nearest RAPIDS Site near your address.

ID/DEERS location is in Building 1.  Parking will be located in front of Building 1.  Any guest with a disability, or guests needing special assistance may use the elevator located on the west side of Building 1 (parking is located on the fence line in the back of Building 1).

Military, Dependent, and Retiree ID Cards POC is Sergeant Williams. She can be contacted at (928) 773-3124 for Northern Arizona. Personnel needing Military ID cards should call for an appointment. Location is Building 1. For lost/missing CAC cards, ensure you send Soldiers with the Deers Memorandum located under Publications on the left signed by Commander (cut and paste in new document).

For clear guidance on what is needed to obtain an ID Card, or to make changes or updates to DEERS, please go to: Department of Defense Deers Enrollment and ID Card Issuance

These are all of our capabilities:

1. Issue CAC Cards

2. Unlock/Reset CAC Pins

3. Verify CAC Certifications

4. 100% DAV ID Cards

5. Retired ID Cards

6. Dependent ID Cards

7. DOD Civilian ID Cards

8. DOD Civilian Retired ID Cards

9. PHS ID Cards

10. DEERS Updates (Adding and Deleting family members)

11. NOAA ID Cards

We are fully capable of doing any ID/DEERS transactions any other facility can do in the State of Arizona.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday 8am - 12pm
Thursday 12pm - 3pm

** By appointment only.