Fishing Regulations

Fishing Regulations

Access to fishing is closed for the 2020 season due to increased HPCON and FPCON measures across DOD installations.


Fishing Regulations (Pond 1)


Camp Navajo fishing patrons, fishing season will open 1 April 19 to 1 December 19, dates may vary depending on weather conditions.


 ** ADVISORY: MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) fishing opportunities may be open on Thursday from close of business through Sunday at dusk. Fishing season will open on 1 April and will close 1 December each year, depending if the pond is frozen.  Fishing may be closed due to operational missions during any weekend or extended periods of time with little-to-no notice. Prior to fishing, anglers are encouraged to call Camp Navajo Security at 928-773-3259 to confirm if fishing is open. **


 1. Authorized Participants and Security Requirements

  • Participants authorized to enter the limited area include: Active AZNG members, AZNG Retirees, Individuals qualifying as Wounded Warrior and DAV, and DEMA employees with an active Secret clearance that can be verified in JPAS or that can obtain a clear background check. Retirement will be verified with retirement documentation, for example a DD214. All participants shall submit a Form 19B and ensure Camp Navajo receives the ACCUSEARCH background check for each fishing pass annually. ACCUSEARCH 1-800-462-7019 X202.  In lieu of the ACCUSEARCH vendor a potential angler may choose a different vendor, but shall confirm with the Limited Area Security Manager, Mr. Handley, the alternative option encompasses all required checks BEFORE paying for a different background check.  You must request and pay for a Nation Wide (NCIC) Criminal Search at cost to the participant, and ensure results are sent directly to Camp Navajo Limited Area Security Manager at [email protected] (link sends e-mail). Documents filtered through the individual and not received directly from ACCUSEARCH (or pre-approved alternate vendor) shall not be accepted as valid.
  • For WW and DAV, please verify your status with the VA and submit documentation for verification. You are required to conduct an ACCUSEARCH or other vendor background check as mentioned above.
  • Participants are authorized to escort guests who meet the same security requirements listed below.  Authorized guest are the participant’s spouse or minor children (under 18 yoa).  Minor children include children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. 


2. Security Background Check

  • All participants and guests must submit Limited Area access request (Form 19B) except minor children.
  • Travel within the Limited Access area for the purpose of fishing is approved from the Access control point (ACP) to Pond 1 and back to ACP.  No other travel in the Limited Area is authorized.
  • Questions regarding clarification of MWR security policies only may be directed to Wally Handley via e-mail at [email protected] (link sends e-mail).


3. Procedures and Fees for obtaining fishing permits

  • Authorized personnel must apply in person to Building 1 (MWR Coordinator) after required background documents are received. Each Daily Permit is valid for 1 fishing trip. Anglers will be allowed to leave and return during the same day without penalty of a second daily permit purchase.  Annual permits are good for unlimited visits to Dec 1st of the year purchased or until first freeze of Pond 1.
  • Participants must submit a list of all family members they may potentially escort throughout the fishing season during the application process.
  • A State Fishing License is not required; however a Camp Navajo Fishing Season Permit or Daily Permit is required to fish. A Fishing Season Permit should be purchased in advance. Season permits are generally available for purchase from Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the MWR Coordinator office in Building 1. 928-773-3124.
  • Call (928-773-3259) to make sure fishing is open, this will help make sure you do not show up should fishing be closed. Call (928-773-3124) to ensure MWR Coordinator will be available to assist you at the time you plan to arrive.
  • Annual Permits: Fee is $100 (you + 2 guests who meet the same criteria in paragraph 1) or $60 (for individual) for unlimited fishing visits. The permit is valid until December 1st of the year purchased, with the understanding the pond may not be open through the end of any given calendar year.
  • Fees may be paid with checks or money orders. No cash will be accepted. Checks may be written to "State of Arizona."
  • When the MWR Coordinator office is not open a self-contained self-service drop box will be located at the ACP (Post 3), main security entrance. This is for daily fishing permits for authorized participants only, a fee of $8 per person in check/money order written according to the table above or a combination of check/money order will be placed in a collection envelope. You must be on the access roster as updated by the Security Manager before you will be permitted access into the limited area. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED
  • The fee breakdown and payee for each check/money order follows:
Permit Type Fee
Multiple Person Season Fishing Permit (you and Two additional individuals who meet Limited Area Requirements may pay as a group, each person will receive a pass in their name) $100.00
Individual Season Fishing Permit $60.00
Daily Permit (signed by FC or issued at Post 3) $8.00


 4. Fishing Areas and Restrictions

  • Fishing is only authorized at Pond 1. Ensure that you meet all the requirements on this site before you call and verify that fishing is open.
  • Fishing is allowed thirty minutes before sunrise and until dusk. This is in accordance with an official sunrise/sunset schedule.
  • Each angler is authorized a daily limit of four (4) fish.
  • Catching fish with sieves, nets, traps, or means other than a rod and line are prohibited. "Chumming," or feeding fish as a lure, is also prohibited.
  • NO alcohol or smoking in the Limited Area (LA) or Pond #1. 
  • Ice fishing is not authorized.
  • Crayfish will not be removed from any pond in order to prevent the transmission of crayfish and/or crayfish eggs to other waters. In accordance with Arizona Game and Fish Department Commission Rules R12-4-316 E, "An individual may trap or capture live crayfish as provided by R12-4-313. A person may use live crayfish as bait only in the body of water where trapped or captured, not in an adjacent body of water..." In accordance with R12-4-316 F. "An individual shall not transport crayfish alive from the site where taken..." And in accordance with R12-4-317 B. 2, "Live baitfish shall not be transported from the waters where taken..."
  • Boats and float tubes are not authorized for use at Camp Navajo.
  • Open fires are prohibited in the Limited Area.
  • Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) are the only authorized vehicles allowed for fishing. Campers and Recreational Vehicles are not allowed at Pond 1.
  • There are no exceptions to policy.
  • Fishing participants will not go beyond the limits of Pond 1 at any time, those found in violation of this regulation are subject to suspension or termination of all MWR privileges.


5. Fishing Procedures

  • POV operators must show proof of registration, auto insurance and current driver's license to security officers located at the access control point. All POVs will have one working 1A10BC fire extinguisher with current certification when entering the LA.
  • Only 10 POVs at a time will be allowed in the LA for fishing. If this occurs, anglers must wait until authorized to enter on a strict first come, first served basis. ALL POV's WILL BE SEARCHED before and after accessing the LA for fishing. The Security Officer will inspect equipment belonging to the fishing party for irregularities. If any exist, the Security Officer will deny access.
  • Anglers must check out at the access control point and complete the Fishing Creel Census form prior to departure. The data collected from the census assists with annual stocking requirements and natural resource studies.


The Point of Contact for fishing is the MWR coordinator at 928-773-3225.