Camping and Recreational Vehicle Regulations

Camping and Recreational Vehicle Regulations

Pineview camp ground is OPEN.  Tappen Springs Primitive Camp Ground is OPEN.

2021 Closing Date: 14 OCT 2021

2022 Anticipated Opening date: 25 APR 2022

Pineview and Tappen currently remain at a lowered capacity due to Social Distancing policies. 

The shower and bathroom facility in Pineview RV Park is closed through the 2021 season. Status is subject to change with little notice. 

Please visit for check in and more up to date Camp information.

We ask that patrons be very cautious about properly disposing of trash, as well as watching children and pets closely, due to concerns during the summer months with bears on post. Camp Navajo, DEMA and the Arizona National Guard are not responsible for any damage or injury to our patrons during the time of their visit here on Camp Navajo.

1. Authorized Participants, Camping & RV Regulations

  • Cash is NOT accepted, check or money order is the only acceptable form of payment. Make out checks to:  "State of Arizona"
  • Please check this website regularly for updates.
  • AZNG and those personnel retired in possession of a retired NG identification card or an official letter of retirement from the AZNG.
  • State DEMA employees with a valid ID.
  • Retired military personnel from all services (20 years or retired for disability in possession of a retired military identification card or an official letter of retirement from that particular service.)
  • Sponsors (A. - D.) may escort dependents/RV guests. Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of their dependents/RV guests.
  • All DoD members with a valid ID.


2. Security Requirements

  • All personnel using the campgrounds shall initially check in at Post 3 and with the Camp Host.
  • See Camping Rules form at Post 3 for the campgrounds and at Pine View RV Park before proceeding to a campsite.
  • Traveling through the Buffer Area at night is PROHIBITED.
  • Possession of weapons on Camp must follow all State and Federal guidelines and adhere to any and all AZNG rules and regulations. While in the cantonment area all weapons shall have a trigger or cable lock, and remain unloaded.
  • All emergencies must be reported to Security Operations at (928) 637-0864.
  • No camper or hunter shall affix a target for practice of any kind in any RV or camping site.
  • No camper or hunter shall use a pellet or BB gun within the camping area or within a quarter mile of a designated Camping site.
  • Camp Navajo has an available archery range for archers who bring their own targets and notify the MWR coordinator of intended use 928-773-3167.
  • For safety of all patrons at camp sites, any harvested animal SHALL NOT be dressed in any camp site, and shall be fully contained in a cooler or similar container to ensure the health, welfare and safety of all campers and units in the area.


3. General Rules

  • Smoking is NOT permitted in any building on CN.
  • Fire permits, obtained from the CN Fire Department, are required for campfires and grills at the RV Park and Tappen Springs (TS) and Indian Village (IV) campgrounds. Cooking shall be done on a grill or other appliances that are designed for that purpose. During elevated Fire Danger conditions, smoking shall be done in a vehicle or in an area that is free of combustible materials. Dispose of butts in appropriate containers.
  • Each vehicle or picnic/camp site shall have a fire extinguisher and a shovel readily available
  • All military equipment and buildings on CN are off limits to visitors and campers except to conduct official business at the request of the Garrison Commander or their designee.
  • Pets must be leashed (maximum leash length is 12 feet) and never left unattended. Pet owner shall clean up all animal waste.
  • Speed limit is 10 mph when passing troops.
  • ATVs UTVs are authorized for use on Camp Navajo during hunting season, but shall have both street legal and OHV requirements met in order to operate them on Camp Navajo. All personnel on Camp Navajo shall adhere to LCC memorandum for motorcycle and ATV usage and reference DoDI 6055.04 Paragraphs 4-6, the Army Safety Program AR 385-10 Paragraph 11-7 and 11-9.
  • Motorcycle riding on Camp Navajo is restricted to the Cantonment area in accordance with above referenced documents.
  • The RV Park and campgrounds listed below are the only authorized camping areas on the installation. Campers found outside of designated areas are considered to be trespassing and are subject to referral for criminal prosecution.
  • Campground and RV Park overnight stay limit is 14 days based on availability. Sites will not be left unattended more than 48 hours.
  • Campers not staying in the campgrounds or RV Park must pay $5 for black/gray water drainage ONLY at the RV Park entrance dump station.
  • Note to all hunters: Under no circumstances shall you bring a carcass into the RV Park.


4. Tappen Springs

  • Fees are $5 per night, RV patrons may use the dump station located near Pine View RV park on the cantonment. Everyone shall register upon arrival.
  • Registration boxes are located on site, or register with Camp Host. In off seasons (absence of the designated Camp Hosts) hunters and campers shall register with the Hunting and MWR Coordinator. All campers regardless of status shall pay in advance, failure to pay can result in referral for criminal charges. If a camper’s stay is shortened, Camp Navajo does not provide refunds under any circumstances.  All garbage shall be removed upon departure, and while in the camp site kept properly contained to avoid attracting the wild animals on post.
  • Fire permits required for all campfires. Campers shall have shovels and fire extinguisher.
  • Fire permits are issued at the Camp Navajo Fire Department.
  • Camping may be off limits due to troop activity, and campers may be asked to vacate an area after they have established camp due to training requirement. Please call in advance of arrival. Camp Navajo shall not provide any refunds to campers due to any extenuating circumstances.
  • Portable toilets are currently unavailable at Tappen Springs.  It is prohibited to dig holes or trenches for toilet use.
  • The Campground only offers primitive camp sites, with no established services to the area. Access to the camp sites are via improved trail, which may be not be passable during inclement weather.
  • Due to the primitive nature of the camp sites Camp Navajo is only accepting new guests during daylight hours. Please be aware there are multiple trails and training areas near the location, ask Security Forces or RV Camp host for directions if you are unsure of the exact location.


5. Pine View RV Park

  • 2021 Fees and Rules for Pine View RV Park at Camp Navajo:
  • All patrons at the RV Park must present a valid Military ID, DoD ID, proof of 100% DAV, or State DEMA Employee ID. 
  • Cash is not accepted, currently only check or money order are acceptable forms of payment. Make out checks to:  "State of Arizona"
  • RV sites are $20 per day. Tent sites are $12 per day. Dump fees are included.
  • Overflow RV fee is $12 per day, only when RV park is full. Two night maximum.
  • Reservations are only accepted for those on orders, PCS, or TDY. Everyone else is first come, first served.
  • There is a limit of four people per site, $5 a day for each additional person.
  • Maximum stay is four weeks. Camp Host may grant an extension if there are available sites at the time of renewal request. Patrons must vacate the RV Park for at least one week after staying for eight consecutive weeks.
  • Clothes lines are not permitted. Campers shall not hang clothes outside to dry.
  • No tents or outdoor bathroom facilities are permitted at the RV site.
  • Two vehicle limit per site. Additional vehicles shall park in the overflow area.
  • Check out time is 11AM. Check in time is 12PM. Quiet hours are 10PM through 6AM.
  • Hunters: Absolutely no cleaning or dressing your kill in the RV Park. If you harvest an animal it must be fully contained in an appropriate cooler or similar containment modality and not visible or accessible in any way, or you shall be asked to leave the park immediately.
  • All RV sites shall be kept clean and free of trash.
  • Fire permits are required for campfires grills, or any other outdoor flame (this includes smoking).
  • Campsites are not to be left unattended for more than 48 hours.
  • Campers shall not sleep outside of your vehicle or tent.
  • Pets shall be leashed at all times within the RV Park.
  • Camp Host is the point of contact. Camp Host may make adjustments as needed


6. Grey and Black Water Disposal 

  • Camp Navajo has one dump site on the installation for both grey and black water located at the turn off to the Pineview RV Park.
  • All RVs staying in the Tappen Springs campground must dump both grey and black water at the Pineview RV Park dump station.
  • There is no additional fee to use the dump site if an RV is camping at Tappen Springs or staying at the Pineview RV Park.
  • Any patron found dumping grey or black water on the installation is liable for the cleanup and will be asked to leave.

  • Monday-Friday during normal business hours ONLY: Military retirees from any component, current Military members, and DEMA employees may also pay a fee of $5 per use to utilize the dump station if they are not staying on Camp Navajo.  This is primarily for members who are staying in the national forest or transiting past Camp Navajo along I40. *** Do not dump any chemicals or large amounts of fats *** The dump station has a limited capacity and the pumps are very costly to repair in that area of the installation, use is monitored and this policy will immediately be recinded by Base Operations if any chemicals or substances harmful to the waste treatment plant are dumped.


Camp Navajo is not responsible or liable for personal property, injury or personnel residing at Pine View RV Park or Tappen Springs.