Camp Navajo Hunting Information

Camp Navajo Hunting Information

 Camp Navajo Turkey Archery Hunt (August 27, 2021 through September 9, 2021). 


All individuals interested in the fall turkey archery OTC must call the Camp Navajo hunting coordinator at 928-773-3124. All interested hunters (to include hunter helpers) must have their completed application packets submitted to the Hunting Coordinator by August 15, 2021. Email hunting applications to [email protected].   Any Hunter (including the helpers) requesting access to hunt in the Limited/ASA for the Turkey Hunt, due to missions and operations, your request for access must be submitted no later August 2, 2021.


Due to operations and missions, the access coordinator of the Limited Area/ASA will not be processing any requests between August 3 to August 30, 2021.  It is recommended to all Hunters and Helpers, that you submit access as soon as possible, if they are requesting to hunt in the Limited area/ASA.




All Hunters and Hunter Helpers are required to have Camp Navajo Safety Course Card. Submit Hunter Helper Safety Card & Waiver of Liability with the Hunters' packet. If Hunter Helper hasn't received the in person course, the Hunter Helper will need to register for the class to be approved to assist on the Hunter's hunt.


Attention Hunters for the fall 2021 hunts:

The Camp Navajo Hunter Safety Class is a newly added requirement for all fall 2021 hunts.  If you have a Camp Navajo Orange Safety Card (received by physically attending a Camp Navajo Safety course in the past), you are not required to attend.  Due to COVID and therefore the heightened risk of being in large groups the class was allowed to be done by individuals at home, but this risk is now significantly smaller due to the release of the vaccine.  All classes will be in accordance with the CDC COVID guidance to maintain a group size of 50 or less.  


Eight classes are offered.  RSVP for a class at . First come first serce for the classes. Classes will be blocked when reached the maximum capacity of 50.

Classes are offered at Phoenix and Camp Navajo.  If you ARE ABLE to attend a daytime class please do so.  Evening classes are prioritized for individuals unable to take time off work. 




LOCATION 1: Camp Navajo
1 Hughes Avenue, Bellemont, Az 86015
Dining Facility

Monday, July 26th at 1300 (1:00pm) and 1800 (6:00pm)
Monday, August 2nd at 1300 (1:00pm) and 1800 (6:00pm)



LOCATION 2: Papago Park Military Reservation
5636 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, Az 85008
Russell Auditorium

Thursday, July 29th at 1600 (4:00pm) and 1800 (6:00pm)
Thursday, August 5th at 1600 (4:00pm) and 1800 (6:00pm)




For Limited Area Access - background search has increased their price affective May 24, 2021. Questions or assistance with contact Mr. Charles Anderson, Camp Navajo's Security Manager at (928) 637-0848.





Camp Navajo is currently at Health Protection Condition Bravo (HPCON B) following AZARNG guidance. The hunting program is open, subject to change on short notice. Please check this website frequently for updates. 


Camp Navajo hunting eligibility is divided into the following four categories:  Department of Defense (DOD) and Military, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) & Purple Heart Recipient (DAV) (PH), Wounded Warrior (WW) and Other (OTH). All hunting applicants must attend the Camp Navajo Hunting Certification Course prior to hunting. The purpose of the Camp Navajo Hunting Certification Course is designed to promote safe, knowledgeable and responsible hunter conduct, to emphasize the importance of abiding by policies specific to Camp Navajo, and to ensure hunting practices that do not impair the military or storage missions on the installation. All hunting prerequisite requirements will be collected during the Camp Navajo Hunting Certification Course or by mail. Due to mission requirements, hunting dates may be canceled, hunting areas may be minimized and/or hunting may be closed temporarily with little, to no notice. In the event a hunt is canceled, hunters drawn for these permits shall not be reimbursed or otherwise compensated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department or Camp Navajo.

The responsibility for compliance with Camp Navajo policies

Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) regulations and adherence to these laws remains solely with the individual hunter.  No refunds may be made for funds spent on licenses, fees or permits.  Non-resident hunters must apply using the non-resident license and application fees.  It is the responsibility of the individual applicant to determine his or her own residency status for application purposes.  It is also the responsibility of each applicant to read and understand the definitions of each category of “Authorized Participants” below, and apply for a tag for which they are eligible to participate, there shall be no substitutions accepted for any category and hunters are advised NOT to apply for a category based on anticipation of a status not yet awarded.  Any violations of AZGFD regulations and/or Camp Navajo policies shall result in hunting privileges suspended or revoked. All AZGFD regulations apply on Camp Navajo and any violations of these regulations shall be reported immediately to AZGFD.

Please refer to the form on this page titled “AZGFD Residence Fact Sheet” to determine how you qualify to apply. The responsibility to properly apply for a tag rests solely with the applicant.


DOD Military:  Applicants must be current, honorably retired uniformed military service members, or veterans with the ability to provide proof of Uniform Service with DD214. DOD military members must provide proof of status during the mandatory Camp Navajo Hunting Certification Course or by mail: Military Identification Card (CAC), or Retired Identification Card, or DD214 Form Four. Hunters drawn for DOD Military tags that are later identified as Non-DOD military category members shall not be eligible to hunt on Camp Navajo and shall not be issued a Camp Navajo access permit. Individuals who draw tags for which they are not eligible will be forwarded to the AZGFD - Dependents without their own military status will not be validated for military tags.  Please see Limited Area access rules to determine if you are eligible to request Limited Area access. Not all applicants qualify.

OTH Hunts:  All eligible applicants, including all non-military and military personnel, are eligible for these permits.

*Non-military applicants includes civilians with no military status, dependents, or others. This does not limit veterans or military affiliated applicants from applying for these tags . Anyone who is eligible to apply for tags through AZGFD and meets the requirements to hunt on the installation may apply and be validated for these tags.

*Non-military applicants includes civilians with no military status, dependents, or others. This does not limit veterans or military affiliated applicants from applying for these tags . Anyone who is eligible to apply for tags through AZGFD and meets the requirements to hunt on the installation may apply and be validated for these tags.

DAV/Purple Heart Hunts:  Applicants must provide a letter from the Veterans Administration showing a service connected disability of 50 percent or greater. Purple Heart recipient or also eligible in the DAV category, you must provide DD214 or proof of award. 

Wounded Warriors (WW):  A Wounded Warrior, as defined by the Chief Administrative Officer of the United States House of Representatives ( (link is external)), is any disabled veteran who has served on active duty since September 11, 2001, has fewer than 20 years of military service, and has received either a Memorandum Rating of 30 percent or greater from their service Physical Evaluation Board or a VA service-connected disability rating of 30 percent or greater. WW permit applicants must have been honorably discharged and or still in a medical hold unit/active duty unit. There shall be no substitutions for requirements as outlined via the link in this paragraph.

Disabled hunts are typically grouped in the first part of the season and already recieve the best historical hunting dates Camp Navajo can provide. 


Hunters may apply for big game draw though Arizona Game and Fish process only. (link is external)

To hunt on Camp Navajo, all hunters shall provide the following documentation and fees:

a. AZGFD Hunting License (purchased from AZGFD)

b. AZGFD Hunt Permit -Tag for Area 6B Camp Navajo (received from AZGFD when successfully drawn for a hunt; (see AZGFD regional offices and retailers for big game details)

c. Hunter Safety Education Course Card (AZGFD, NRA, or an equivalent state hunter safety education course card is acceptable, hunter education courses taken outside of the United States shall not be substituted)

d. Attend the Camp Navajo Hunter Safety Course conducted on Camp Navajo and or/have proof of completion. (course card) 

Each year the following forms shall be updated by the hunter; Waiver of Liability, Hunter ID Form and Request for Limited Area Access Form 19B. All forms are below. Review requirements for Limited Area access prior to your request and ACCUSEARCH documentation. Camp Navajo shall not reimburse fees accrued by the hunter due to Limited Area ineligibility.

Waiver of Liability

Hunter ID Form

Request for Limited Area Access Form 19B

e. All fees must be paid by personnel check or cashier’s check, NO CASH shall be accepted.  If you are a hunter that has had a check returned, you shall not be eligible to hunt on Camp Navajo.  All hunters with delinquent fees must first pay their debt by cashier check before hunting privilege will be reinstated on Camp Navajo and delinquencies from previous years shall carry over to future hunts.  If you have a question regarding your fees call the Camp Navajo Hunting Coordinator 928-773-3225 or Assistant Hunting Coordinator at 928-773-3167.  

f. LIMITED AREA ACCESS REQUIREMENTS: Active Duty Military, Active Drilling Reservists, Active Guardsmen with an active Secret clearance that can be verified in JPAS and fully retired Military personnel are permitted to request Limited Area access. Retirement shall be verified with retirement documentation, for example: DD214. The request for Limited Area access is not a guarantee access will be permitted. Retirees shall submit a Form 19B to Camp Navajo Hunting Coordinator/Assistant Hunting Coordinator at [email protected] and ensure Camp Navajo receives the Guardian background check for each hunt annually. Guardian 1-800-462-7019 X202. You must request and pay for a Nation Wide (NCIC) Criminal Search at cost to the hunter, and ensure results are sent directly to Camp Navajo’s Security Manager, Mr. Charles Kent Anderson.  Documents filtered through the hunter and not received directly from Guardian shall not be accepted as valid.  Hunters may use alternate but equivalent background search option which shall include an NCIC and a local check as well as a social security number run. Please contact Mr. Anderson prior to using an alternate check to ensure its full compliance. Please see instructions at the link titled “Limited Area Access Instructions for Hunters” to the left.

Hunter Helpers: LIMITED AREA-A hunter is limited to one (1) hunter helper that may also request access into the limited area. The hunter helper shall also meet the same requirements as the hunter, in order to request limited area access. Helpers that cannot meet the requirements shall not be allowed at any time into the limited area. Hunters shall be responsible to harvest their own animal in the Limited Area if they do not have a helper who meets the required qualifications.

BUFFER AREAS-(BA) is limited to two (2) hunter helpers and they must be listed on the Hunter ID Form.  Camp Navajo Safety Course Card and Waiver must be include in Hunters packet as well.

g. Fees: Big Game Draw (Elk, Antelope, Fall Mule Deer): $55 to State of Arizona, $5 to US Treasury. Spring Turkey Draw: $25 to State of Arizona, $5 to US Treasury.If you know you have been drawn for multiple species and wish to pay them at the same time, two checks can be made for the aforementioned totals, but the applicant needs to notate the hunts paid for in the memo portion of his or her checks. Payment must be made by check: personal or cashier.

h. Must mail in a copy of military ID, DD214 or physically display the ID card or DD214 to the Hunting Coordinator if selected for a Military hunt in conjunction with other required paper work.

Mail in Requirements

If you have completed the Camp Navajo Safety Course and have all above documentation you may mail in a copy of all above requirements and fees A-F to: Hunting Coordinator, 1 Hughes Ave, Bellemont AZ, 86015.   Ensure you provide copy of Camp Navajo Safety Course Card and Hunter Safety Education card. Any mail sent in to older addresses (inc. PO 16123) will be returned to sender by USPS

Hunters may also submit scanned copies of their documents to the MWR email box listed on the right side of the page. Realize that you must pay your fees prior to being allowed to hunt, and you must allow for processing time for your payment.


All hunters (DOD, OTH, DAV, and WW) shall attend this mandatory class located on Camp Navajo. Classes will be available on Camp Navajo.  Classes shall be posted as soon as they are available, and no additional classes shall be scheduled. It is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure he or she can attend the class prior to their hunt, in person regardless of the hunter’s home of record or travel requirements. There is no longer a registration requirement, classes are on a first come, first serve basis. All hunters are required to abide by restrictions in the class slides, and these are updated when there are significant changes to the program. The hunter safety cards do not expire at this time, however, all hunters are responsible for reviewing these slides on an annual basis as there are updates and changes to the program not published on this information page.


Hunters approved to hunt Camp Navajo are required to check in and check out when hunting.  Checking in and out is a daily requirement for hunters whether hunting the Limited Area or the Buffer Area. Failure to check in and out daily with security ( 928-773-3259) shall risk the suspension or revocation of their hunting privileges on Camp Navajo. Limited Area / ASA hunters must check in and check out in person at Security Post 3.

Upon successful harvest of an animal, hunters shall physically check the animal out with Security and shall fill out the census portion of their Hunter ID Form. Head, hide and legs shall be present at the time of check out and all animals shall be properly tagged.  The only animal part that can be left on Camp Navajo is the animal gut; all other parts of the animal shall be removed fully from the Post, violators for any reason are subject to MWR privilege suspension or revocation.


Administrative Area: The Administrative Area consists of buildings, armories, maintenance shops, tenant units and the RV Park. HUNTING is PROHIBITED in these areas. All firearms must have a cable or trigger lock (key or combination) or be in a locked case while in this area and shall remain unloaded at all times. Violations shall be investigated by installation officials and violators may be subject to administrative and/or criminal charges or procedures.

Buffer Area (BA): The BA is the area outside the Limited Area (LA) designated as East/West BA. There are approximately 17,000 acres of hunting in the Buffer Area. The BA is mostly forested with some meadows. Four-wheel drive vehicles are suggested, especially during rain and snow. Hunters are responsible for removing disabled or stuck vehicles at their own cost. Camp Navajo assets shall NOT be used except for medical emergencies.

Limited Area (LA): The LA is designated as a restricted area and, by regulation, is strictly controlled. Only personnel who meet the criteria under SECTION 3, PARAGRAPH F, are permitted to request LA access.  Hunting is limited to archery only. This area may be closed to hunting due to mission requirements. Violations of Limited Area rules and regulations shall be investigated by installation officials and violators may be subject to administrative and/or criminal actions. Hunters desiring to hunt in the LA must possess current drives license, insurance card, and a functional fire extinguisher (1A10BC) with current certification in their vehicle. No lighter or incendiary devices, cell phones, cameras or communication devices of any kind are authorized in the LA (GPS may be authorized; dependent upon the GPS specs). Your vehicle shall be inspected by the Hunting and Fishing Coordinator (or designee) before entry is allowed into the LA and during random inspections while in the LA. Failure to adhere to these policies and submit to inspections upon request shall result in the suspension of hunting privileges in the LA and possibly Camp Navajo. Individuals found in the LA who have no permission to be in the LA shall be submitted for prosecution under trespassing laws.

Post Closure Permit Area (PCPA): Formerly the OBOD Area, the PCPA is clearly identified with “Restricted” signs for everyone’s safety. Anyone found within the restricted area of the PCPA shall lose all hunting privileges indefinitely on Camp Navajo, and may be subject to trespassing charges by ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality). Further disciplinary action shall occur as a result of the violation. Maps and an orientation of the area will be provided when available by Camp Navajo staff.


Scouting is limited to Buffer Area only and is only permitted for one week (seven calendar days) prior to your scheduled hunt. There shall be absolutely no scouting in the Limited Area.


Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) that have a 4 wheel chassis and are licensed as "street legal" may be used in the BA/LA for hunting purposes as long as policies and regulations that apply to all motor vehicles that are "street legal" are followed. Vehicle operators shall stay on road systems and are not authorized to take vehicles off road. Failure to comply shall result in the immediate revocation of hunting privileges. The only exception to this policy is that an operator may take a vehicle off road to recover harvested game as long as the hunter does not damage any archeological sites or wetland areas. Any damage by a hunter requiring environmental restoration can result in legal charges, possible hunting privilege suspension or revocation, and shall result in a cost to the hunter to restore any damage.

All vehicles shall be in compliance with Arizona Law (effective January 01, 2009), requiring all Arizona registered ATV/OHVs to have an OHV decal. For information regarding the OHV decal, please see Arizona OHV Regulations.


Predator and small game hunting will not be held on Camp Navajo. Individuals on Camp Navajo found attempting to hunt any animal other than the tag for which they were drawn by AZGFD shall have hunting privileges suspended or revoked and shall be referred to AZGFD.


For more information regarding hunting on Camp Navajo, please contact the Camp Navajo Hunting Coordinator.  Please visit this site regularly for updates to hunting requirements on Camp Navajo. 

Please submit any suggestions for improvements to the MWR programs to the MWR email address on the right of the page. Camp Navajo personnel meet with AZGFD up to two times a year, in the Spring and Fall, to discuss changes and updates to the program. We are currently on the same two year change schedule as AZGFD.


It is possible that Camp Navajo, for security and safety reasons, may require hunters who have drawn a general elk tag to use a lesser weapon type. For example, general hunters may be restricted to the use of muzzleloaders, or shotgun shooting slugs only, during a general hunt as a condition of access to Camp Navajo.  These weapon types are lawful methods of take for elk, and these restrictions may be implemented with little or no notice.  If you plan to apply for a general tag on Camp Navajo, be prepared to hunt with a lesser weapon type such as a muzzleloader or shotgun shooting slugs.  Any weapons restrictions will be at the discretion of the Camp Navajo commander and will be in compliance with AZGFD regulations. 


Hunters will notice there are archery and general seasons offered concurrently.  While mixed-weapon type hunts are not a normal offering in Arizona, this hunt stratification is offered because of weapon type and access restrictions in the Limited Area compared to the Buffer Area.

The Camp Navajo Limited Area is off limits to all hunters except when granted permission in writing after verified qualifications as outlined in SECTION 3 PARAGRAPH F above.  Archery is the only weapon type allowed for hunting in the Limited Area.  Camp Navajo and AZGFD are NOT responsible for the success of your hunt, nor shall they make any accommodations to increase the likelihood of success for your hunt.

The archery only military tags are offered for the specific purpose of providing hunting pressure, by qualified hunters, inside the Limited Area while there are general and muzzleloader hunts in the Buffer Area.  This strategy should maximize hunter success in both the Limited Area and The Buffer Area, but this is not guaranteed.

A person who is drawn for a military archery only elk tag is not required to hunt only in the Limited Area.  However, those hunters are encouraged to be prepared to satisfy all security requirements in order to hunt inside the Limited Area.


If there are elk tags left over after the draw, those tags will be sold through the AZGFD leftover tag process, which you can view through that website: (link is external)

Camp Navajo no longer offers OTC Hunts.

13.  HUNTS

2021 Spring and Fall numbers have published and can be found under publications on the left side of the page.

Big Game (Elk, Antelope): Consists of 35 Hunts in the Fall timeframe.

Spring Turkey: Consists of 3 hunts in the Spring timeframe.  

Fall Deer Draw: Hunt information posted under publications on the left side of the page as of 26APR21

Fall Turkey Draw: Pending conversion from OTC.


CN SECFOR is authorized on a limited basis to check paperwork at the Gate. CN SECFOR CANNOT under any circumstance accept payment, this must be provided in advance to the MWR / Hunting Coordinator. Failure to do this will delay your hunt based on the availability of the Coordinator.

Dumpsters: Please do not dump any animal parts in the dumpsters on Camp Navajo, or the bear resistance (reinforced) dumpster near the West Buffer. The reinforced dumpsters were damaged by the waste management company and cannot be serviced at this time.