Army National Guard

The Arizona Army National Guard (AZARNG) continuously provides a trained and ready force capable of performing unified land operations and defense support to civil authorities.

Through training, professional development and leadership engagements, the AZARNG continues to be a force capable of accomplishing a myriad of missions. AZARNG Soldiers are professionals who balance civilian careers, families and academic advancement. This is the essence of being Citizen-Soldiers “Always Ready, Always There.”

The AZARNG is made up of six major commands with approximately 5,100 Soldiers.



Land Component Commander
Photo of State Command Chief Warrant Officer CW5 Sheryl Dickinson
State Command Chief Warrant Officer
Portrait of Command Sergeant Major Fidel Zamora
Command Sergeant Major

Soldier Support

I.D. Cards/DEERS Transactions:   

(602) 267-2750

Military Clothing Sales:                

(602) 275-8307

Education Services Assistant (MGIB):

(602) 267-2445

MILPAY: (602) 629-4233

Medical Files and Records:  

(602) 629-4370

Inspector General: (602) 267-2670

Judge Advocate General (JAG):

(602) 267-2588

Family Programs

State (AZNG) Benefits Advisor (TRICARE Reserve Select):

(602) 267-2545

Survivor Outreach Services: 

Phoenix area,

(602) 267-2172

(602) 267-2173

Camp Navajo,

(928) 773-3295

Family Readiness:

(602) 267-2593/2391


(602) 629-4805

Important Information


(602) 531-0998 or (602) 267-2449

Suicide Prevention Hotline:

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Military One Source:

1-800-342-9647 or (602) 267-2430

Papago Park Security:

(602) 267-2428