tent look in RV on a campsite. Two chairs in front of the RV. One chair is covered with the American flag. With a picnic table in front of the RV.

Recreational Vehicle and Boat Storage Facility

Storage space is available for all types of items effective 2022. Car/Trucks, Motorcycle, 4-Wheel/Off-Road, Motorhomes, Boats, Travel Trailer and Storage Trailerer/Containers will open to storage at Camp Navajo. New requirements have been made for Camp Navajo Storage area. All requirements and rules are laid out in Camp Navajo Vehicle Storage Contract 2022. For additional information, you can contact the Camp Navajo RV Storage at 928-773-3124 or the Base Operations Officer at 928-773-3225 during business hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm M-F. Managing the RV Storage Park and MWR programs are an additional duty of the limited Garrison staff and we will make the best effort to see you during the times listed but may not be available. The current storage rates are listed below.


All vehicle types and size: Flate rate charge of $2.00 per day

One-time fee: $10 administrative fee per vehicle when INITITATING A CONTRACT



STEP 1:  Mail, email, or drop off your initial storage contract, proof of eligibility (proof military service (Active/Retired/Years of Service)) and payment (check or money order, NO CASH). Include a copy of your vehicle registration and insurance.


Mailing address:

Attn: MWR Coordinator

1 Hughes Avenue Building 1

Bellemont, Az 86015



[email protected]


STEP 2:  Provide 10 calendar days* for processing prior to bringing your vehicle to Camp Navajo.

*If faster service is requested see the “Other fees” listed below. 


STEP 3:  Check-in at the Camp Navajo Main Gate with your vehicle. After checking in, the Main Gate will provide you follow-on instructions to access the Vehicle Storage Area.