Finance and Contracting

Finance and Contracting

DEMA Finance and Contracting Office consist of two branches that handles the Arizona National Guard and State.

The Resource Management Office (RM) provides budget, finance, grants financial management, procurement and internal audit services to the Department of Emergency & Military Affairs (DEMA).  Responsibilities include accounts payable, accounts receivable, travel, budgeting, fixed assets, grants financial management, internal audit and procurement.


DEMA Procurement Mission

To procure commodities, services, construction, maintenance and repair services at the right quality, quantity, price, and time in support of the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs and its satellite activities.

DEMA offers many opportunities for private contractors and subcontractors to do business with the State of Arizona.  The Purchasing and Contracting Unit utilizes the e-procurement system Arizona Procurement Portal (APP)  to solicit for all informal and formal solicitations, excluding emergencies or other special or unique procurements.

Procurements between $10,000 and $100,000 are made through small businesses when practicable. A small business is one that, including its affiliates, with fewer than 100 full time employees or has gross receipts of less than $4 million for the last complete fiscal year.

Vendors must be registered in Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) in order to participate in the solicitation process. Registration is free and is the responsibility of the vendor to update and maintain their profile.


How We Purchase

DEMA purchases what it needs in two ways. For ordinary goods and services, DEMA uses vendors that have been awarded state contracts from the Arizona State Procurement Office (SPO). For more specialized goods and services that are not provided by state contracts, DEMA handles its own procurement. View our sample list of goods and services we purchase here.



DEMA solicits offers from qualified contractors to provide goods or services. Solicitation notifications are issued through Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) to all registered contractors that have the commodity code(s) in their Arizona Procurement Portal vendor profile that match commodity code(s) contained in solicitations for goods or services. Interested parties that wish to automatically receive updates regarding solicitations must register with ProcureAZ and include respective commodity code(s) for the goods or services that they offer. If contractors require any assistance with updating their vendor profiles or using ProcureAZ, the ProcureAZ Help Desk phone: (602) 542-7600 | email:





DEMA Finance and Contracting
5645 E MCDowell Road Bldg. M5800
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Phone: (602) 464-6479


Chief Finance Officer
Jensen Forde
(602) 464-6479


Christa Lewis
(602) 464-6485


Purchasing and Contracting
Kyle Matthew
(602) 464-6491


Emergency Management Grants Coordinator
Wendy Bidon
(602) 464-6483


Military Affairs Grants Coordinator
Stacy Manning
(602) 464-6482


Ella Steele
(602) 464-6484


Accounting Specialist 2
Gabriel Jauregui
(602) 464-6487


Accounting Specialist 3
Teresa Arreola
(602) 464-6486


Fixed Assets Manager
Ward Ruck
(602) 464-6480


Program Compliance Audit Supervisor
Gary McMurry


Program Compliance Auditor 3
Vanessa Hess
(602) 464-6489


Program Compliance Auditor 3
Keith Tagaban
(602) 464-6490


Senior Procurement Specialist
Lisa Ledbetter
(602) 464-6493


Procurement Specialist
Robert Coleman
(602) 464-6222


Procurement Associate
Brenda Prevost
(602) 464-6492


Resource Manager (Camp Navajo)
(928) 637-0861


Procurement Technician (Camp Navajo)
Kim Smith
(602) 464-6494


Accounting Specialist (Camp Navajo)
Sherrie Garduno
(928) 773-3244