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Supervisor Toolbox


Supervisor’s Guide

Probationary Period Terminations

□ The supervisor must decide to separate (terminate) a probationary period employee no later than 10 months from the employee’s start date. This allows for the processing of termination documentation to HRO for approval and a 30-day notice of termination.

□ Once a decision has been made to terminate, the supervisor will provide documentation describing the deficiencies observed throughout the probationary period (The Human Resources Officer will want to see some form of supporting documentation) and may include any of the following:

o Written supervisory observation (write your own sworn statement or Memorandum for Record)

o Witness Statements

o Video, Computer Logs or Security system

o Admission or Confession (Supervisors should not question employees about suspected misconduct without first receiving legal advice)

Supervisor drafts termination packet and forwards to the Labor Relations Specialist

for review and approval (~7 business days).

o Termination packet (eSSS, supervisor documentation, draft 30-Day notice, SF 52) will be reviewed by Position Managing Officer (PMO)(i.e., Directorate or Wing Commander), HRO, and JAG. Be sure that the PMO is aware of the request to terminate prior to being presented with review packet.

o Labor Relations Specialist will route through JAG to HRO for approval.

Termination Notification Meeting

o Employee is presented with the HRO decision letter and effective date of termination.

30-Day Notification of Pending Termination

o The employee may be allowed to work for the 30-days leading up to the effective date of termination.

o If the employee becomes problematic during this period, he/she may be sent home due to not being “Ready, Willing and Able to Work”.

o If concerns arise against a government interest (i.e., threats to government personnel or property), the employee may be placed on “Notice Leave” (a type of administrative leave) for the duration of the remainder of the 30-day notification of termination.

Employee’s Last Day of Employment with the Agency

o All government furnished equipment (i.e., door access badge, keys, computers, etc.) will be collected on the employee’s last day of employment or last day of physical presence at the official worksite.

For additional Guidance Contact:

Ms. Stacey Mitchell, Labor Relations Specialist 602-629-4806